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Louis writes:

I decided to start with Race Bannon and Jonny Quest. I found the Captain Action and Action Kid figures on line for $39.95 and $29.95. I found a couple of websites which sold clothes and equipment for 12 inch and 8 inch action figures, where I was able to find a nearly perfect red shirt with a front flap (believe it or not it was a civil war era shirt) and khaki pants for Race Bannon, and jeans, a brown belt, a black pullover shirt, white sneakers and socks for Jonny Quest. I also found great brown boots with a buckling strap and a nearly perfect exotic looking assault rifle for Race Bannon. The Captain Action figure comes with a belt, which I will repaint as the brown belt with silver buckle Race Bannon wears (all the clothes and accessories cost a combined $40.50).

Converting Race was as simple as pulling the head off a 1:6 scale action figure, dressing the body in the red shirt with front flap, khaki pants, brown boots and wrist watch I had found on various websites and on ebay, painting the "Young Lee Marvin" head I bought as Race (white hair, green eyes), and attaching the head to the body. Total work time, less than two hours. I also ordered a Rifle that looked as close to Race's cool assault rifle, and a Bazooka and am about to order a rocket pack, so I can dress Race exactly as he appears in the Turu the Terrible episode.

Next came Jonny Quest. I started with an "Action Kid" 9 inch action figure - unfortunately, the clothes I was able to find were all for 8 inch action figures. The Blue Jeans were too tight, the black shirt I found was too short, and while the socks fit, the white sneakers would not fit over his feet. Fortunately, I was able to squeeze him into the jeans (I folded up cuffs on the bottom), and sewed the back of the jeans shut. I took a pair of scissors, trimmed the figures feet until they fit in the sneakers. One of the 12 inch action figures I bought to convert came with a short sleeve black turtle neck shirt, which fit the 9 inch Action Kid figure loosely. I sewed the rear of the turtle neck to tailor it to the Action Kid figure. The Action Kid came with a brown mini-pompador hairdoo and brown eyes, so I painted his hair yellow, and eyes blue. I put a brown belt around his waist, and tucked a PVC Bandit figure I found on ebay under his arm. Total time spent in the conversion: less than an hour.

[But] I wasn't 100% thrilled with how Jonny came out [so...]

I decided to remedy my issues with Jonny Quest, mostly about the way his hair lacked the classic blond pompadour Jonny was famous for. I bought a container of plastic wood from the local hardware store, and sclupted him a pompadour exactly like the one on the model of him. I painted it yellow, exactly like the model, and am a lot more pleased with how Jonny turned out. I am awaiting delivery of a camera for him like the one depicted with the prototype action figure that was never produced.

I finished up the evening's work with Hadji. Hadji's conversion was simple and quick. The only real work involved was sewing to tailor the clothing I was able to find as close as possible to Hadji's traditional outfit: white sneakers, khaki pants, a Nehru jacket, and a white turban with a red jewel. I started by undressing the American Indian outfit from a Mego 8 inch indian brave figure I found on ebay, then dressing him in khaki pants, white sneakers and a turban with a red jewel set in it, all found on two 8 inch action figure websites I was able to locate via a google search. The problem was the Nehru jacket: I just couldn't find one. I was able to find an old "Action Jackson" jungle adventure outfit from the early 1970's which came with a dark khaki jacket, as well as a canteen and walkie talkie I decided to use with the Hadji figure as well. The jacket was a bit too big, so I tailored it to the young brave figure, sewed the collar shut to make it look like the collar on a Nehru jacket, and sewed a couple of minor modifications to the turban to make it appear (flatter and wider) more like Hadji's from the cartoon. I am quite happy with how Hadji turned out.

Benton Quest was also completed today, and I am even more pleased with him than I was with Race Bannon. I painted his head exactly to match the head of the model of Benton Quest, and dressed him in dress pants, dress socks, dress shoes, dress shirt, tie, a lab coat, and put a clib board in his hand, exactly like the prototype of his action figure.

Race Bannon's rifle arrived, and I have to tell you 12 inch action figure accessories have come a long way since I was a kid playing with G.I. Joes. The rifle has a folding metal stock, removable clip with brass inside, a fabric sling and remarkably realistic detail. Race looks great with his rifle in hand. I am still waiting for his pistol belt, holster and .45 to arrive.

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