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Roger Romage's "Race Bannon" Costume

When I asked Roger for more information about the costume and how it was created, he replied with the following information:

Firstly, I looked at many episodes to find just the right look to suite my taste. I then took many screen grabs and then drew my own composite. It's pretty amazing, but if you really look closely at Race's (drawn) clothes, there is a wide variance on the details but the overall look remains fairly consistent. There were many inconsistent changes in the details like; The double breasted flap would sometimes jump to the opposite side, his sansabelt pants would sometimes and suddenly have a belt, the sleeve length would magically grow and shrink, colors would mysteriously change...etc. I then took a shirt that fit me nicely and drew the seam likes on it and cut it up to make a pattern.

This project was a couple of years in the making and about a week in the execution.

The choice of fabric presented a particular challenge due to the fact that I had nothing to go by except an artist's (cartoonist's) drawing. Where to begin? I looked at many fabrics; Cotton Twill, Velour, Denim, Wool... etc. I had many factors to consider; look, wear, wear-ability, comfort, tailor-ability, weight... etc. It was a really grueling decision to make. I really agonized over this one. It finally came down to "look." I used a fabric called "Moleskin", it's a kind of a Suede on the outside and a Satiny finish on the inside. The Satiny finish gives a "lined" look and feel. It also has a two-way stretch for added comfort.

The actual construction required a step above sewing that was above mine. I have made Star Trek costumes for over 33 years and decided to enlist the help of a professional seamstress because I really wanted this to be perfect.

The hair is my own. I have naturally Blonde hair which is a good start. Some of the pictures show my hair lightened-up in Photoshop and the others (really white) are white hair color sprayed onto my own hair.

If anyone wished to contact me concerning the wonderful costume or the really cool weapons that I'm using, they may contact me at

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