Classic Jonny Quest
Kent Steine

Kent knew Doug Wildey, knows Steve Rude, and is active in the world of art and illustration. We welcome Kent as a fellow "Quest fan"! Here is a short biography for Kent.

Artist, author, and educator, Kent Steine is a classically trained illustrator who has been drawing and painting for over thirty-five years. He began his professional career producing advertising and editorial illustration art for numerous corporate advertising campaigns, and cover artwork for over fifty magazines and periodicals. Steine produced concept art, illustration, and story development for comics, trading cards, books, animation and film. For the last eighteen years [as of 2005 - LPB] he has focused on painting pinup cartoons and glamorous celebrity portraits.

Steine's major exposure as an artist came in 1991 with the release of his Hollywood Glamour limited edition prints, published by The Stabur Corporation. These contemporary images of Hollywood's modern B-movie starlets reestablished an interest in classic pinup and glamour art of the past. His pinups have been featured in numerous venues including magazines, limited edition prints, posters, trading cards, calendar art and are licensed for imagery for everything from Axe bath and shower gels, to DVD and video tape cover art. Steine's work continues to be refined and simplified, with originals often pre-sold before licensing and reproduction.

As an author, Steine has written two best-selling books, The J.C. Leyendecker Collection and the Billy DeVorss Pinup book. He has been a contributing writer to various magazines, including Step-By-Step Graphics, Illustration magazine and Tease. An illustration art historian, and collector of original artwork, Steine occasionally provides assistance to various galleries and collectors, including the Illustration House, Inc. His experience as an active illustrator offers him with an in-depth understanding to the methods and production of illustration artwork. He has been a keynote speaker for the American Illustrators Society Convention, lecturing on the subject of famed artist J.C.Leyendecker. Throughout his travels and experience as an artist, Steine has met and befriended many of the great illustrators of the 20th century, learning technique and history alike.

Steine was an instructor from 1983 to 2002 in the Madison Area Technical College Art Department. He has taught everything from airbrush illustration to advanced color media techniques. Of his over 2000 students, many have gone on to become successful artists, winning commissions, awards and scholarships. He is the recipient of the first AFT part time teacher award of excellence, recognized through student participation and balloting. Steine holds a Master Craftsman's certification in art, and is a permanent staff member at MATC. He is a past Award of Excellence winner at The Communication Concepts Annual Illustration and Design Competition, in Washington D.C.. Steine has been recognized by the Salmagundi Club; and The Art Students League of New York, and has been the subject of feature profiles in The Capital Times of Madison Wisconsin, The DetroitFree Press, Screem Queens Magazine, Men's Perspective Magazine, as well as numeous entertainment journals and publications.

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