Classic Jonny Quest
Classic Jonny Quest Original Art

Here are some sample works from elementary school teacher Rich Blatt and his students from Katy, Texas. We are looking forward to seeing more of these!

Richard Blatt Artist contact:

"Classic Jonny Quest Montage", © Richard Blatt, 1987 & 1988. Media: pencil

Richard has constructed this montage of classic JQ character poses based on a number of sources. Can you name the inspirational sources?
Here's a link to the answers

Juan Soto

Media: pencil

Juan's version of one of General Fong's henchmen from Quetong Missile Mystery

Media: pencil

Juan captures that no-good witch-doctor, Korbay, from The Dreadful Doll speaking into his "skull" radio.

Media: pencil

Grey One, the wolf companion of White Feather, from Werewolf of the Timberland

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