Classic Jonny Quest
Doug Wildey Mini-Posters and Other JQ Art

Doug Wildey was not only involved in the creation of the TV show, but also produced some Jonny Quest art of his own for various publications and for friends. This page contains links to some of these images that we have been able to uncover.

Here is a link to a page showing what one fan has created using images such as the ones presented here. Nice work, Aaron!

I have scanned the images in a format of sufficient resolution, size, and quality that, once downloaded, and printed by a printer of photo-like capability on photo-quaity paper, should produce a nice 8x10 "mini-poster."

Select a link below to download and print images to make your very own mini-posters. They look great as is, or matted and framed! For good results, set your print quality to the highest setting and use a coated paper to minimize bleeding of ink. I got the best-looking output by using a glossy photo-quality paper and printing at 720 dpi.

Note:The link points to a zipped (compressed archive) version of the image; this will most likely result in a prompt from your browser to ask if you want to open the file, or save it on your disk. Why files of this type instead of jpegs? The reason the link was created in this manner was to allow for a method to download the image files without having to display them first. Use an "unzip" program of your choice to extract the jpeg file from the downloaded archive; the resulting jpeg file should be slightly larger than the original archive.

Here's a very nicely-done three-quarters Race Bannon figure in acrylic. I don't recall exactly where I came across this image, but I sure wish we could find the rest of the gang. This is absolutely stunning and really brings the character to life!

Half of the Comico's Jonny Quest Classics #1 "Shadow of the Condor" cover, but without the comic book titles on the image (zip, 288K)
Half of the Comico's Jonny Quest Classics #2 "Calcutta Adventure" cover, but without the comic book titles on the image (zip, 416K)
Half of the Comico's Jonny Quest Classics #3 "Werewolf of the Timberlands" cover, but without the comic book titles on the image (zip, 341K)

Doug Wildey's "The Youngest American Hero" poster

Want to make your own life-size version of this poster? If you have a color ink-jet or laser printer, you can download the following four files, unzip them, and print! Then match the images (there are some areas of overlap, which should make matching easier), tape or glue the images together, and...voila! Your very own poster! Using high-quality glossy photo paper produces the best result, but even plain paper will make a tolerable reproduction.

Thanks to Gary Karpinski for the great scans to make this possible!

Thanks to "an anonymous Jonny Quest fan" (you know who you are), visitors can now download a very large scan of the entire poster here: large scan archive

The fan writes: "I assembled a single jpeg image of Doug Wildey's 'The Youngest American Hero' poster from the four separate files you so kindly provide. After placing the quadrants I cleaned-up the sharp edges (where the images overlap) and filled-in some missing border material. Some folks might be interested in a single image file of the poster, especially if they have access to a large format printer."

Image specs: Dimensions: 3157 x 4400 pixels, File Size: 1.6 MB.

Once you've downloaded the file, unzip and enjoy!

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