Classic Jonny Quest
Layouts for P.F. Flyer Commercial

When "Jonny Quest" premiered on ABC in September 1964, one of its main sponsors was B.F. Goodrich's P.F. Flyer shoes. Hanna-Barbera artist Tony Sgroi created these layouts for Jonny's P.F. Flyer adventure. A color copy of the commercial is presented on Disc 4 of the "Jonny Quest" DVD released by Warner Bros. in 2004.

In the commercial, Race signals Jonny with a flashing ring just like the ones that came free with each pair of P.F. Flyer shoes. In the layouts, Race flashes, "Leg Broken ... In Danger." In the broadcast commercial, Race signals, "In Danger ... Bring Rope." Running his fastest and jumping his highest, thanks to his P.F. Flyers, Jonny speeds to Race's rescue in the nick of time, throwing him the end of a rope on the broadcast version and giving him a hand in the layout.

Click any layout frame to download a high-resolution version in PNG format.

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