Classic Jonny Quest
Pursuit of the Po-Ho Cels

Bandit on guard
Original production cell from the 1964 Jonny Quest animated series. The cel is of Bandit from the episode "Pursuit of the Po-Ho". Bandit is standing in a boat with his front feet hidden by the side of the boat, while he and Jonny and Hadji anxiously await Race's return from the Po-Ho village (see episode screen grab at right).

Bandit knows Race is approaching
This cel is from the scene above where Bandit realizes Race is approaching (episode screen grab at right).

Jonny and Bandit
This cel is from the beginning of the episode when Jonny and Bandit console each other over the lessons they've each had to learn (see episode screen grab at right).

Race holding spotlight control
This cel is from the scene where Dr. Quest wants to use spotlights to cast his shadow onto the jungle to intimidate the Po-Ho; Race is seen here holding the light control switch in his hand (see episode screen grab at right). (Cel images courtesy Joel Elkins)

Race paddling boat

This cel is from the scene where Race leaves the compound to look for Dr. Quest who has been kidnapped by the Po-Ho natives (see episode screen grab at right).

Below are some more cels from that same scene...we'll be matching these up to specific screen grabs as time permits.

Race as Aquesio, the water god
There are a great number of cels of Race in his "purple skin" flying around; here are some of them.

Misc. cels from the episode
Screen grabs to follow as time permits. Many thanks to Patrick Jackson for identifying the episodes for many of these cels, including the time code for the scenes where they appear!
Dr. Quest answers a call for help
A Po-Ho native readies a spear

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