Classic Jonny Quest
Shadow of the Condor Cels
Hadji gets a little airsick
A "JQ Fan" writes:I have identified one of the "unidentified episodes" cels. In the section on the site under Hadji, the third picture to the right is from the "Shadow of the Condor" episode. (The image has since been moved to this page - LPB) It is from the opening sequence when Race has to make an emergency landing. Since the plane ride is rough, Hadji is getting a little air sick, which is what is pictured. I have attached another cel which a few frames later which I have purchased. Usually I do not buy cels where the character's eyes are closed, or the facial expression is less than ideal. However, I HAD to have it because I own the original background of the jet's interior (which you have pictured under "Production Drawings" section). Imagine my excitement of placing this cel over the original background for the first time! It was like a reunion between two friends that had not seen each other for almost 30 years. In front of my eyes was the production art for the entire scene exactly as is seen in the episode. (See cel over bg 1 and cel over bg 2 - LPB) I guess you have to be a true fan to get so excited about it, but even causal fans can appreciate the art on a certain level. Finding a classic JQ cel is pretty difficult, while finding a classic JQ background is extremely difficult, but finding a MATCHING cel and background is well, pretty rare.

Hadji gets a surprise
This cel is from the scene where the team is sitting around the table having a meal with the baron when he mentions that condors sometimes swoop in and carry off a sheep. Hadji registers a bit of surprised disbelief at the comment. This cel is the one just before he turns his head to ask "Take one of your sheep?" This cel is also used again when Hadji turns back away from the camera after having asked the question. (Thanks to Joe Robertson, owner of the cel in question, who provided the cel location information to us.)

A condor grabs Bandit
Bandit being snatched by a condor (see episode screen grab at right); note that in the actual scene in the episode this cel was nearly off the screen -- the condor itself is nearly invisible except for a few tail feathers and the legs, and Bandit is also partially off camera. The scene shown is the correct frame; the frame before this one Bandit's mouth is open, and in the frame after this one, almost everything is off camera. (image courtesy Joe Tumminelli)

Dr. Quest

This cel is from a scene in which the supposedly mute Julio comes to the window and speaks to Race and Dr. Quest to warn them about the Baron. Race and Dr. Quest are surprised not only to see him, but that he can speak. Dr. Quest moves towards the window and crosses slightly in front of Race, raising his arm as he responds to Julio's appearance at their window (see episode screen grab at right).

(Thanks to Mark Morehead, owner of the cel, who provided the cel image and the location information to us.)

Jonny throwing stick

After Bandit ended up in the castle fountain (having been dropped there by the condor), Jonny suggested that Bandit should fetch a stick to help get dried off. These cels are from the sequence that show Jonny throwing a stick for Bandit to fetch (episode screen grabs at right). (Cel images courtesy Van Eaton Galleries)

The baron reveals his true nature
Jonny's stick landed next to a basement window; when Bandit went to fetch it, he (and we) saw the baron venting his anger on poor Julio (episode screen grab at right).

Jonny Quest with background
This image of Jonny has been placed on a background scene from the episode "The Shadow of the Condor" (see episode screen grab at right); it is not known at this time which episode the character cel comes from. (image courtesy Joe Tumminelli.)

Race in the cockpit

From the scene just as he is taking off to follow the Baron who has just left the plateau seconds before.

A condor gets agitated
...but that's understandable after being shot at! This is from the scene near the end of the dogfight between the Baron and Race. A second occurrence is seen (but in reverse) a few seconds later.

The baron takes the team to his castle
(Image courtesy of Kurt Oblinger) This cel is made up of four layers: The dust coming off the wheels is on top, then the wheels, then the characters, then the car.

Race flying the Spad
(Image courtesy of Kurt Oblinger) This cel is interesting in that I had to really search to find the exact match in the episode. There were several spots that looked likely, but in each case the wheels on Race's plane did not look the same as in this cel. It looks in the episode as if the wheels on Race's plane were motionless when the plane was in the air, while in the cel, they were spinning. I finally located the match in the sequence when Race and the Baron were just taking off; in that scene Race's wheels were spinning. This is exactly correct: when taking off the wheels would be spinning, when in the air, they would be motionless. Another fine example of the exacting detail that was put into the episodes. The screen grab at right shows the match from the episode.

Misc. cels from the episode
Screen grabs to follow as time permits. Many thanks to Patrick Jackson for identifying the episodes for many of these cels, including the time code for the scenes where they appear!

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