Classic Jonny Quest
Jonny Quest Puzzle: "Surprise Attack" / "Winter Adventure"

Jonny Quest Puzzle: "Surprise Attack"

Surprise Attack puzzle box lid
Surprise Attack puzzle
The 200-piece version of the puzzle not only has more pieces but it reveals that this the image was inspired by a scene from the episode, "Calcutta Adventure." We can see Pasha Peddler's helicopter at the top of the picture and it's easier to see the door to the secret lab in the side of the mountain.

Here's a larger view of the 200-piece puzzle.
(Note: large image: 3114KB)

Jonny Quest Puzzle: "Winter Adventure"

Winter Adventure puzzle box lid, Australian
The 100-piece puzzle is named "Winter Adventure"; here's the lid from the Australian version, published by John Sands Pty. Ltd. (Propriety Limited). The box lid is substantially the same as the American edition, but there are a couple of notable differences: the age range for the American puzzle is 8 to 13 while the Australian puzzle is 8 to 15. Also the American box includes the phrase, "Designed for Pre-Teens," which is absent from the Australian box. The same two differences are present on the "Blazing Harbor / Rescued" box lid.
Winter Adventure puzzle, Australian
This is the Australian version of the puzzle.
Winter Adventure puzzle, United States
Notice that the pieces in the U.S. version of the puzzle (at left) have different shapes.

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