Classic Jonny Quest
Jonny Quest and Hadji Figures by Funko

Funko released Jonny Quest and Hadji figures in a limited-edition, two-figure set in July 2020 for $30 and it sold out in a few hours. We asked for information from Funko's Press Relations office, but received no reply. The figures were exclusive to the Funko website, so your local Barnes and Noble won't be getting any.

Apparently, the Funko website had been having technical issues for a while, and not everybody who wanted the Jonny and Hadji set were able to get the page to load. See the video rant below for more information.

BTW, the Jonny and Hadji page was totally removed from the Funko website within a couple of weeks. I actually saw it after the figures were sold out, but the link no longer works and the search function on the site gets no results, like they never existed. However, it seems like the figures actually sold out but only to people who were lucky or persistent enough to get the opportunity.

Here are some pictures from eBay ads. If you want to buy from an eBay seller, make sure the seller has a good record and has shipped collectibles (preferably, Funkos) before without reports of damage. Speaking of damage, keep reading.

Fronts Funko Figures: Jonny and Hadji
Backs Funko Figures: Jonny and Hadji
Left Sides Funko Figures: Jonny and Hadji
Right Sides Funko Figures: Jonny and Hadji
Tops (notice the cut marks -- more info below) Funko Figures: Jonny and Hadji
Bottoms Funko Figures: Jonny and Hadji

The figures were sold in pairs, and shipped in a medium-sized box but jammed together in a small box, like in the next picture.

If you care about condition, either because you want to have an unmarred box to display or you're paying a high price for these limited figures, be sure to check pictures of the boxes for damage. Funko does not consider damage to the boxes to be a problem worth handling.

If you click on the box tops picture above, you can see cut marks on the faces. This was probably caused by someone cutting through the tape sealing the box, not knowing the boxes inside were not protected. There are several ads with this damage, so be sure to check closely. If you're buying from someone through the mail, make sure you see a picture of the lids and also request that each box be packed separately, not in the original container. In my case, the outer container was dented at some point and the damage was transferred to the front of the Hadji box.

This reminds me of the Simpsons episode, 'Summer of 4'2",' where Lisa opens a box of "Retrospecticus" yearbooks with a knife and slices the cover of the top book.
Retrospecticus Box
Retrospecticus Damage

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