Classic Jonny Quest
Classic Jonny Quest Action Figures 2

The images on this page came from the Raving Toy Maniac web site back in 2000.

There was a rumor at the time that additional figures would be released in the future ... the Small Blue Planet web site mentioned a possible female figure -- but the Raving Toy Maniac site has photos of placards (presumably) for the two new figures to be released -- and they are Dr. Zin and Jade "Kenyon"!!

Jade's Name

The Kenyon handle was baggage she acquired from [Jonny's] Golden Quest, which has nothing to do with CJQ ... bad info from later versions has migrated into style guides and the like but the final authority is those 26 episodes. Anything else (yep, even my own stories) are variations.

Her real CJQ name is Jezebel Jade. (Quotes included since it was what Race liked to call her and the nickname stuck.) Doug [Wildey] told me that her actual last name is her own secret and even Jade might be a self-imposed nickname.

Lance Falk

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