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Below are images from fans who have completed building and painting their "Shape of Things" model sets. Click on each image to see a larger version.

Louis Badolato sent this image of his recently-completed set of figures. I think his photo really captures the scene well, looking like it's in a jungle setting with Wildey-esque shadows caused by the fierce glow of the approaching energy creature. Awesome!

Patrick Jackson sent these images of the set, along with an e-mail explaining:

"I didn't feel that I could do these kits justice by building them myself, so I was lucky enough to find Mr. Buzz Setzer. Notice the changes he made in some of the characters. I picked the colors for him to use in which case after that he took off like a shot. Notice the shading on Dr. Quest's jacket; it almost looks like leather which gives it a 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' feel, It also brings the focus on Dr. Quest. If you can, take a look at Race's hands and see the work that's done there. He did a really good job at bringing this kit to life. Please if you can share this with other members and see to it that Mr. Setzer gets the credit for doing, what I belive is a wonderful job."

We agree, Patrick, nicely done! Select the following thumbnails to see other images.

Aaron Bates sent this image of the set. For closeups of the individual characters, select the following thumbnails:

Mark Derrick sent this image of his completed set. Check out the nice placard for the set in his display, and the "extras" he added to the final scene.

Here's a set by John and Jim Hoffman. In some e-mail discussions I exchanged, the subject of the colors used to paint the models came up. Jim's reply follows:

Regarding the models....I did use the box top as a point of reference, but having grown up on the television series, I chose to reference those episodes more when colors came into question. Basically, I went to the hobby store looking to match the colors found on the box, but given minimum selection on flat paint, I just had to take what I could get - hence the color coordination of Dr Quest. Before I realized that flat paint was the preferred choice, I had gone with glossy by mistake more than once. Dr Quest JUST didn't look right wearing brown leather pants in my opinion. I did end up painting a couple of the characters multiple times, due to wrong type of paint, or a change of mind over the color selection. There were a few odd decisions to make, especially concerning Race's and Jonny's eyebrows. What with Race's bleached hair, giving him white eyebrows to match just didn't look right, so I opted for white with a few brush strokes of black in there for contrast. Jonny's light yellow eyebrows look fine I think. Tough decision for both, as they're always pictured with what appears to be black eyebrows...and that definitely looked bad. As my brother also mentioned, the jetpacks went thru a few renditions as well. The metallic blue offered cool contrast, but in the end it was just too much, so I found a great brown color, the same I used for Dr Quests pants, and opted for that over the blue - turned out much better in my opinion. Hadji - although the all white would've made him the easiest out of the four - I felt that maybe he was just that when all white - too easy. So after viewing an episode or two for reference, and noticing the prevelant tan attire in those, I decided a change was necessary. And again, in the end, I think that it was the correct decision.

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