Classic Jonny Quest
Japanese "Hanna-Barbera Collection" 2004

Images courtesy Jim Alexander.

This set of figures is from the "Hanna-Barbera Trading Figures Collection" from the Asunaru company, Japan. They're like trading cards: You don't know what H-B scene you're going to get until you open the box. The following pictures show the figures themselves (Jonny, Bandit and a rifle box with rifle); the collection box the figures came in, including the accompanying brochure and mini-CD; the figures shown before assembly.

There are six figure sets in each volume, with several volumes released. As far as we know, no other Jonny Quest character figures were produced. This volume also had dioramas for The Impossibles, Penelope Pitstop, Yogi Bear, Tom and Jerry and The Herculoids.

The mini-CD has the Japanese version of the theme song found on the "sonosheet" books, plus PDF files of the booklet pages. It looks like the one for Jonny Quest gives the names of the actors who overdubbed the voices of the main characters:

  • Jonny Quest: Ayako Hori
  • Dr. Quest: Suke Maki
  • Race: Yoshio Kanauchi
  • Haji: Miho Hojo

The PDF also says Jonny Quest was broadcast in Japan from Jan. 29 to June 25, 1965, on Sundays from 19:30 - 20:00.

The Jonny Quest piece on the PDF discusses the series in general, and it indicates the "JQ" theme song was sung by Ayako Hori, also the voice of Jonny. According to the note, two different recordings of the "JQ" theme were released by Toshiba in 2002 (TOCT-2483 2), one by "Silver Rex" and the other by Hori Reiko. The translation I've got is not reliable, so it's very possible the Hori Reiko recording is the same one from the sonosheets and Ayako Hori didn't have a version.

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