Classic Jonny Quest
1996 Cartoon Network Promotional Kit for Classic Jonny Quest VHS Tapes

This is a cardboard briefcase measuring 14 inches by 11-1/2 inches by 2-1/2 inches thick. It was a promotional item given out by the Cartoon Network for the 1996 release of the Classic Jonny Quest videos.

The features of the printed overlay include convincing images of clasps, hinges, a digital lock and embossed decorations, but the surfaces are flat.

The briefcase was shipped to stores like this, so the top flap was sealed with tape and the bottom of the box, which has the same image as the top, had a shipping label.

The top of the briefcase

The bottom of the briefcase
The logo under the briefcase handle

The box includes:
  • VHS tape: Race Bannon in: An Army Of One (promotional screener version)
  • Jonny Quest audio tape cassette with the WARNING: DO NOT OPEN UNLESS YOU ARE PREPARED TO CONQUER THE WORLD.
  • Jonny Quest digital wrist watch with the original box and watch instructions
Many thanks to Norman Sherfield for providing this image and info.

The briefcase opens to a first layer, which has the audio cassette, a real wristwatch, plus pictures of a pair of binoculars and a "Quest Vision" communications device. The last two items look pretty real, but they're just artwork.

The top layer can be removed or flipped up to uncover the second layer, which has the VHS video and a picture of a placard about the series.

Underneath the second layer is the interior of the briefcase, which has paper promotional material described below, and the box for the wristwatch.

Briefcase Inner Lid
Inner lid
Briefcase Layer 1
Layer 1, with audio cassette in box and wristwatch

Briefcase Layer 2
Layer 2, with "Promotional Screener" VHS tape
Briefcase Contents
Loose contents in the bottom: presskit, flyers, etc.


Briefcase Presskit Cover
Presskit cover

The presskit has five double-sized pages. It opens with a translucent title page over a drawing of the team, followed by information about the VHS tapes, cross-promotions with other products and in-store displays.

Briefcase Presskit Title Page
Presskit title page

Briefcase Presskit Team Drawing
Team drawing
Briefcase Presskit VHS Tapes
VHS tapes information
Briefcase Presskit Cross Promotions
Cross promotions for the VHS release
Briefcase Presskit In-Store Displays
In-store displays for the tapes

Flyers, Letter, Radio Scripts

As mentioned, in addition to the presskit, the bottom of the briefcase holds a number of loose promotional sheets:
  • Flyers showing the videos and the display stands for the videos, and outlining prices, rebates, bonus cartoons, additional promotional tie-ins; a limited edition comic book that came with each video and more info on the promotion.
  • A customer letter providing details on the promotion.
  • Three different radio scripts for advertising one of which is for 15 seconds, another for 30 seconds and another for 60 seconds.
Again -- thanks to Norman Sherfield for providing these images and info.

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