Classic Jonny Quest
Jonny Quest Coloring Books

Whitman Coloring Books, 1965

Whitman released a 128-page Jonny Quest coloring book in 1965 with two different covers and prices.

The interior pages are identical and retell the story of the episode, "The Curse of Anubis," but without the mummy!

"Judy Jetson Meets Jonny Quest" Giant Coloring Book, 1977

Published by Modern Promotions in 1977, this 32-page, 11-by-14-inch coloring book starts with Judy and Elroy Jetson watching Jonny Quest on television. The next morning, the family cannot find Rosie, their robot maid and George uses time travel to go back to Jonny's time. He arrives in Dr. Quest's lab and the doctor tells him where to find Jonny and Hadji. They go back to the future (ahem), where Jonny finds a clue that leads them to an electronics store where Rosie is having some work done. They return to the Jetsons' home, where the event foretold in the book's title happens. Judy takes Jonny on a tour of the future, then George reminds her he has to take Jonny and Hadji back to their time. "Right after I finish teaching them the space rock hop!" replies Judy as the kids dance. Sorry if we spoiled it for you.

Jonny Quest Paint with Water Coloring Book, 1994

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