Classic Jonny Quest
Japanese JQ Manga Comic July 1965

Here's the information from eBay seller, kenta_jp:
Published in Japan in 1965 July ( Shouwa 40 Year as in the last picture )
Number of pages : 48
Approx size : 7.1" x 4.5" / 18.0cm x 11.5cm
[Cover information: ]
Kagaku Bouken Manga = Scientific Adventure Cartoon
J. Q.
Bokura July Issue Additional Volume
Jonny Quest cartoons were serialized in comic magazine Bokura ( We are ) and
Its TV shows were aired 1965 under Japanese title Kagaku Bouken Manga JQ.

This is a very interesting comic. Judging by the pictures, the story has elements from "The Invisible Monster," "The Dreadful Doll" and, possibly, "Pirates from Below." There's also a shot of The Nautilus from the Disney movie, "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea."

Unlike the sonosheet comics, all the artwork except the cover is in black and white.


The advertisement on the inside front cover shows a "Cine-Colt Handy Projector," a toy projector shaped like a pistol. Judging by the "JQ" initials in the ad, there may be a Jonny Quest filmstrip for this toy.

Race saves Dr. Quest from the invisible monster.
The boys are held hostage at a hidden submarine base.
The story ends ... with what look like the covers of other JQ manga comics.

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