Classic Jonny Quest
"Jonny Quest, Adventure with the Salt Plot," 1972

A "Durabook" - Distributed by Modern Promotions
Copyright 1972 Hanna-Barbera
6.25 x 8 inches, 22 story pages, written by Horace Elias

Each Durabook has two editions: a thick cardboard "Durabook" cover and a hardcover for libraries. While the other two books in the series have variations of the cardboard cover, we've only seen one for "Lost City." For this edition, the cover price was 39¢. There may have been another one with prices of "39¢ / in Canada 49¢."

The back of the cardboard book has the same artwork as the front except for the price.

Here's the plot: On Palm Key, someone is jamming Dr. Quest's transmissions to the "Secret Science Center" about his nuclear broadcasting project. Jonny, Race and Dr. Quest are soon in northern Mexico to locate the source of the interference. They find it in "Queraxco, the lost city of the ancient Aztec Indians." Dr. Quest gives Jonny a metal box to keep safe. The enter a door at the base of a giant statue and fall into the trap of Prof. Cosmo Null, who announces he will kill the team so that he will be the sole source for nuclear broadcast power. Dr. Quest tells Jonny not to drop the box or it will explode. Null soon surrenders and is taken to the authorities. Back in Palm Key, Dr. Quest reveals the box merely contained their lunches. [Wah-wah - ed.]

Note: Hadji does not appear and is not mentioned in this story.

The other Jonny Quest Durabooks are: "Jonny Quest's Adventure with the Secret Tunnel" and "Jonny Quest, Adventure with the Salt Plot."

As mentioned above, the hardcover editions were for libraries, so they do not have prices on the covers.

The back of the hardback edition is plain except for this text, printed vertically:

"American Publishers Company /
1024 West Washington Boulevard - Chicago Illinois 60607 /
For People We Like To Do Business With"
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