Classic Jonny Quest
Norfolk VA Ledger Star, Aug. 6, 1964, TV Listings Page

The Norfolk, Va., Ledger-Star afternoon newspaper carried an Associated Press article about Jonny Quest six weeks before the show premiered. The article, on page 22, opens with the news that the show will be like comic-strips, but drawn realistically, then gives a brief introduction.

Jonny is a small, lucky boy of about 11 who is catapulted ... into wild and wooly adventures. He will have close calls from creatures of the deep, savage Indian tribes, avalanches, even the Abominable Snowman. He will travel the world accompanied by his scientist father ... and an all-around athlete who teaches him manners, judo, karate, reading and who often rescues him.

The article then has some quotes from Joe Barbera and William Hanna about how the show will be safe for children.

Joe Barbera ... says that because it is expected the children will watch it avidly, there will be no mad scientists or two-headed monsters. Nor will there be shooting and other gory disposition of villains.

The article ends abruptly and is followed by two paragraphs about network coverage of "the tense Viet Nam situation."

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