Classic Jonny Quest
1965 BBC Radio Times Articles

From the Jan. 9-15, 1965, Radio Times, © BBC, for the Wednesday, Jan. 13, premiere of the Jonny Quest series with "The Mystery of the Lizard Men." (page 36)

A thrilling new film series.
The Mystery of the Lizard Men
Who are these strange creatures rising from the wrecks of galleons lost centuries ago in the Sargasso Sea?

Today Jonny, with bodyguard Race Bannon, sets out to investigate the Lizard Men -- mysterious creatures who haunt the depths of the Sargasso Sea.

At 5.30

From the April 10-16, 1965, Radio Times, © BBC, for the Wednesday, April 14, premiere of "Werewolf of the Timberland." (page 39)

"The thrilling adventures of Jonny Quest take him all over the world. Each week he finds himself in yet another strange country: one day it is the hills of Asia, the next it is the jungles of South America. The troubles and dangers he has to face are also very varied: in one adventure he has to cope with menacing ape-men, in the next with pygmies; in one he has to ski down mountains, in the next he swims under water.

"This afternoon Jonny lands in another adventure, this time in northern Canada, where the great forests hide wolves and Indians. Jonny has gone to the Canadian forests with his father, Dr. Quest, who wants to do some research work there. But in the area where they set up camp is the huge grey wolf which attacks strangers, and it looks as though danger could lurk behind every tree for Jonny, his pal Hadji, and the little dog Bandit. But there is a mystery surrounding the wolf."

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