Classic Jonny Quest
Dallas TV Channels, Sept. 20, 1964

The Sept. 20, 1964, issue of "TV Channels" included a generic summary on Page L-2 for Jonny Quest's second episode, but it had a nice article about the series on Page L-15 -- as seen above in the Dallas Morning News' imprint of this magazine. It looks like "TV Channels" was a television guide sold to newspapers around the country by the Times Mirror Co. in Los Angeles. Although Times Mirror owned newspapers and television stations around the country at various times, "TV Channels" was published in cities where Times Mirror didn't have a publishing or broadcasting presence. The bulk of the magazine was content from Times Mirror, but the local publisher could insert or replace advertisements and, possibly, stories.

The generic summary of the episode reads, "6:30 [Channel] 8 / Jonny Quest / Animated series about 11-year-old Jonny and his scientist father.—ABC"

The article, titled, "A Void Filled," is based on comments from Joe Barbera. There is no credit for the story, so it's possibly a press release or based on one. The article ends abruptly after introducing William Hanna, so there was likely more to it that got chopped off because there was no more room on the page or any place to continue it.

The story is definitely worth a read if you're interested in how the series was promoted. Highlights are:

The series ... employs 350 artists and costs a third again as much as [Hanna-Barbera's] other shows.

Barbara refers to "Quest" as staged animation, illustrative rather than cartoon style. "It's a brand new style for TV ... Every master shot is a work of art."

"There is lots of action," he said, "and we use the Douglas Fairbanks approach, wherein the villains are disposed of in flamboyant, virtually comedy style."

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