Classic Jonny Quest
TV Guide, Sept. 19, 1964, Coverage of Jonny Quest Premiere

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TV Guide's Fall Preview of 1964-65 television shows was the focus of the issue with television schedules for the week of Sept. 19-25. Page 25 was a collage of pictures for Jonny Quest and a new show on CBS, The Entertainers, which featured Art Buchwald, Carol Burnett and Bob Newhart.

TV Guide's summary of the series was on page 28, with "Jonny Quest ... roams the Seven Seas from the Sargasso to the Antarctic in search of high adventure." It mentions characters Dr. Benton Quest, Roger "Race" Bannon, Dr. Zin and "Zezebel Zade." Actually, by the time the show aired, contract disputes with "Zezebel's" agent led to her dismissal. Luckily, Jezebel Jade was available to fill the gap as the "mysterious lady of fortune," much to the delight of fans. ;-)

Page 20-64 had an advertisement from ABC that included a drawing of Dr. Quest and Jonny in the upper left and the headline "Marvel."

The summary for the second episode, which aired Friday, Sept. 25, was in the listings on page 20-65. It showed the episode's working title, "Splashdown Antarctica," instead of the final title, "Arctic Splashdown."

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