Classic Jonny Quest
Jonny Quest Ad and Mention in Jan 9, 1965, TV Guide

Jonny Quest got a brief mention in an article, "...But nothing sticks to the ribs," an overview of critics' opinions of the 1965-65 television season: "Another program most of the reviewers recommended for the younger set was Jonny Quest." Nice to know!

Here's the page with the Jonny Quest listing for that week, "Pirates from Below," with a very cool ad in the corner.

We were puzzled by the fact that Jonny Quest was on at the same time as The Flintstones because they were both ABC shows. Channels 7 and 13 were/are ABC stations in Omaha and Kearney, NE, and they showed The Flintstones on Friday night in color. Channel 4 was the NBC affiliate in Sioux City, IA, and the Flintstones synopsis sounds like it's for the episode, "Fred's Second Car," from the Friday before (Jan. 8).

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