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Huckleberry Hound Weekly Display Policy

Why are only a few full-sized scans available at a time?

Well, in some cases, it's because we don't have those scans. But that's only a small part of the reason.

We at are deeply indebted to Martin Sentmanat for providing almost all the scans that you'll see in this section. He's spent money and time to acquire and scan the issues, and we realized there would be some lowlifes out there who would love to profit from his efforts and generosity by collecting and printing the scans for sale on eBay and elsewhere.

eBay thieves account for the lack of a number of very nice pieces of artwork that we have but don't feel we can display because of the potential for misuse. There's some idiot in Canada who stole images and articles off our website and others to sell them in episode guides on eBay. We watch eBay daily for our own purposes, and see these guides show up every year or two, at which time we have to complain to eBay so they get taken down. Harder to fight, though, are the thieves who take images from the website and turn them into cheap T-shirts, magnets and so on.

To reduce the chance of this happening to Martin's work, we've added a watermark to each of the large scans, and we've decided only to show full-size scans from up to eight at a time, with a new issue appearing each week.

On the plus side, we all get to share the anticipation of visiting the site each Saturday to catch the next chapter. Once all the available scans have been shown, the system will loop back to the first serial, so if you got in at the middle, you'll see them all eventually.

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