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"Jonny Quest in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" Promotional Copy


Hanna-Barbera Records released promotional copies of "Jonny Quest in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" with the same cover as the retail version. Some of the covers are stamped, "For broadcast & not for resale," to damage their resale value, like the one above, but I've got two promo copies, one marked and one not.

At first glance, the labels, below, just look like pink versions of the retail releases, but the Side 2 label is interesting because the typographer kept the track listing in the same order as Side 1 and just renumbered them, so that track 2, the theme song, is listed first. On the retail disk, the Side 2 track order is correct.

Less noticeable is the code under the catalog number: On Side 1, it's "2030X" and on Side 2, it's "2030XX." The same "X" vs. "XX" identifiers are used on the other labels for the "20,000 Leagues" records.

Also, it's nice to see that composer Hoyt Curtin's last name is spelled correctly on the labels, unlike the back cover of the retail version.

Jonny Quest in 20000 Leagues Under the Sea / Starring Jonny Quest
Jonny Quest in 20000 Leagues Under the Sea / Starring Jonny Quest
Side 1
Side 2

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