Classic Jonny Quest

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Catalog No. V1083
This video was originally released in a "clamshell" case with this cover by Worldvision Home Video. It reads, in part, "© 1986 Hanna-Barbera Productions, Inc. as to cartoon characters and packaging," but it was released in the United States on Feb. 20, 1989. The retail price was $19.95.

Front cover of Jonny Quest video V1083 Back cover of Jonny Quest video V1083

As far as we can tell, every copy states it includes three episodes:

  • Mystery of the Lizard Men [orig. start and title; no credits]
  • Arctic Splashdown
  • The Curse of Anubis [no start; orig. title and credits]
However, Arctic Splashdown was not included. The spine and label both state the length of the tape as 50 minutes, which is only enough for two episodes. Mystery of the Lizard Men has its original opening credits and title card but no end credits. The Curse of Anubis has no opening credits, but its original title card and end credits.

Detail from back cover

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