Classic Jonny Quest
Jonny Quest End Credits

William Hanna and Joe Barbera's credits on "Jonny Quest" varied from story to story.

This credit was used for these stories:
Mystery of the Lizard Men
Arctic Splashdown
Pursuit of the Po-Ho
Treasure of the Temple
Double Danger
The Dreadful Doll
A Small Matter of Pygmies
Turu the Terrible
The Fraudulent Volcano
The Invisible Monster
The Devil's Tower
Terror Island
The Sea Haunt

This credit was used for these stories:
The Curse of Anubis
Riddle of the Gold
Calcutta Adventure
The Robot Spy
Shadow of the Condor
Skull and Double Crossbones
Dragons of Ashida
Werewolf of the Timberland
Pirates from Below
Attack of the Tree People
The Quetong Missile Mystery
The House of Seven Gargoyles
Monster in the Monastery
Image sources: Warner DVD

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