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Jonny Quest Season 1 - The Dreadful Doll

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Z-11, Suga Doll, 12/4/64, 6/24/65.

  • (scientific) Dr. Quest equates a bottlenose dolphin with a porpoise, when they are two totally different animals
  • When Dr. Quest asks Denise (and we see him asking, not just hear him asking) if she can hear him, she replies, "Oui, papa". Papa? Dr. Quest? Not! Maybe she was delerious...
  • When Race is being held captive in a shack in which a wooden beam laid across the door is intended to keep him from escaping, Hadji draws the guard away, and Jonny then removes the beam. Race then opens the door -- inward! (Reported by Bill Groves) Ted Watson has this to add: That it opened inward wouldn't necessarily be a problem, but the cradles (for lack of a better word coming to mind) that hold the beam are on the wall on each side of the door, instead of on the door itself, where the beam would have held the door closed. Let's say that the person who installed the cradles thought the door opened outward, Jonny and Hadji didn't notice, either, and Race hadn't noticed where the cradles were on his way in--or was he unconscious at that time?
  • When Korbay enters Dr. Quest's quarters, he stops while still in the doorway. When Dr. Quest wakes up, Korbay flees, never having gotten any further. When Dr. Quest returns to his cabin, he finds a suga doll on his pillow -- but how did it get there? (Reported by John Boyd)
  • When getting ready to blow up the tunnel to the submarine base, Race pushes the button labelled "1" for the first torpedo, then pushes button "1" again to fire the second torpedo, even though button "2" is clearly labelled just below button "1".
  • Joe on the Forum reports:I've got to hand this one to my 8.75 year old daughter. She loves J.Q. and also enjoys looking for flubs now. (Behold, the power of brainwashing). She has found many that are already posted here, but yesterday she caught one that has not yet been listed. When Jonny and Hadji go to bed, Jonny is seen with black shorts on, but in the commotion following where the native invades Dr. Quest's quarters, Jonny appears briefly in reddish/pinkish colored shorts. Good job, Caitlin. We agree, Joe & Caitlin!
  • When Jonny and Hadji are floating around the diving bell, they are shown slightly too low relative to the diving bell. Refer to the closing credits to see the correct positioning.

Trivia and items of interest:This is the second of only two episodes which show Hadji without his turban. In this episode he's not wearing it when he and Jonny go scuba diving. However, in the episode "Skull and Double Crossbones", aired just before this one, he wears his turban while scuba diving.

Note:The following scenes in the opening and closing credits are from this episode:
  • Jonny and Hadji swimming down in scuba gear (CC)
  • Jonny and Hadji outside diving bell with Dr. Quest inside (CC)
  • The character name of the plantation owner's daugher, Denise Lor, may have been a tribute to an actual singer from the 1950's. Fellow JQ fan Kenny Harrelson was kind enough to write with this information, and provided a link to his "Music for Every Mood" blog entry that contains more information, including a picture of the singer and a link to one of her songs.

Link to the restored end credits for the episode.

Link to some episode cel images

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