Classic Jonny Quest
Jonny Quest Main Title Versions

When "Jonny Quest" ran on ABC in 1964-65, there were actually two different versions of the opening credits. They differed only in the titles superimposed over the video and in the animations of the clouds in the exterior shot of the airplane and for the shots of Race, Hadji and Bandit.

Version A ran on the first seven stories in broadcast order. It features the titles, "A Hanna-Barbera Production," followed by "Starring Jonny Quest." Version B doesn't have the "Production" credit and merely reads, "Jonny Quest" over Jonny's picture.

When Turner Entertainment created digital masters of the shows ca. 1996, a hybrid version of the main titles was created. This includes the production credit from Version A and the "Jonny Quest" title from Version B. This version was used for the 1996 home VHS releases and on Cartoon Network (starting January 2000) and Boomerang.

Original Version A (1964)
A Hanna-Barbera Production
Starring Jonny Quest
Original Version B (1964)
Jonny Quest
Turner Digital Master Hybrid (1996)
A Hanna-Barbera Production
Jonny Quest

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