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Jonny Quest Season 1 - Riddle of the Gold

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Z-4, , 10/16/64, 4/22/65.

  • At the airport when Bandit won't go back into his travel case, Hadji waves a handkerchief over the recalcitrant pup and makes him disappear much to the surprise of the woman behind the counter. We were surprised, too, because for the part of the scene where just Hadji's arms and hands are showing, his skin is rendered as a Caucasian! (Thanks to Molly on the website forum who identified this flub)
  • On the train headed for the maharaja's palace we hear...

    Dr. Quest: "Race, did you instruct the boys how to act when they meet the maharaja?"
    Race: "Oh, yes. Just courtsey, and leave the talking to us."

    Uh..."courtsey", Race? Didn't you mean "bow"? I just can't picture Jonny and Hadji courtseying in front of the maharaja!
  • At the beginning of the tiger hunt, Dr. Quest wants to film some elephants. One problem: they appear to be African elephants instead of Indian elephants (African species has the large ears seen here; Indian species has much smaller ears).
  • When everyone is tied up in the mine, we see that they have ropes around their waists as well as their feet and (presumably) their hands. But, after Bandit extinguishes the fuse, we see Race breaking free of his ropes -- but he only has ropes around his hands; the ropes around his waist have disappeared!
  • The map Race uses to indicate episode locations shows India in dark green and the surrounding countries in light green. However, Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) is shown in dark green, but the island is not part of India, and should be shown in light green. (Thanks to John Boyd)

The Award for Best Line:When Race asks Hadji to spell Mississippi as part of their studies, Hadji says: "M..i...s...uh, do you want the state or the river?"

Trivia and items of interest:
  • The actor who provided the (brief) voice for the Maharaja also provided the voice for Mr. Corvin in this episode.
  • Is Doug Wildey still secretly lobbying for a monkey instead of a dog to be Jonny's pet? Check out how Bandit gets out of his "travel accomodations" -- he uses his tail! I can believe a monkey could do that (maybe), but a dog?

Link to the restored end credits for the episode.

Link to some episode cel images

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