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Jonny Quest Season 1 - Treasure of the Temple

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Z-9, The Lost City, 10/23/64, 3/25/65.

  • When the toucan joins the party, Dr. Quest tells Race they're not alone, now; instead of 4 of them, there's 5. Shouldn't that be 6 instead of 5, Dr.? Or are you counting the toucan, but not Bandit?
  • When they first arrive in the lost city of Malatan, Dr. Quest sees a reflection, and instructs Race to casually take a look at "that cave entrance on the fourth level of the terrace", but it's definitely not a cave -- it's obviously a window in the old temple building sitting on top of a pyramid! A true cave could never be found on the top of a man-made structure like that.
  • In the scene where flaming arrows catch the boys' tent on fire, when Bandit wakes up Jonny he appears to be much larger than his normal size, with Bandit's head being about the same size as Jonny's. Not to worry, though, by the next day, Bandit has returned to his normal size. (Click here and here to see screen grabs that illustrate this flub. (Reported by John Clark who also supplied the images)
  • Toucans cannot mimic human speech as seen in the episode. This is a conflation with the capabilities of the macaw, another colorful denizen of Central and South America. (Thanks to John Boyd)

Trivia and items of interest:
  • The voice of bad guy Perkins is remarkably similar to the voice used for the character of "Deen" in "Turu the Terrible"
  • Dr. Quest has worked for the American Secret Service in the past
  • One wonders if this episode didn't serve as the basis for the computer game "Jonny Quest: Curse of the Mayan Warriors"; the setting is the same, with the Mayan temple, a search for treasure, etc.
  • Regarding the location of the episode: Perkins mentions that the police might come "up from the capital" which would rule out Mexico, since Mexico City is north or west of any areas of Mayan habitation (unless he means a state capital, such as M�rida or Chetumal). He could also be referring to Guatemala City; some sources list Montoya as a Guatemalan. (Thanks to John Boyd for this thoughtful analysis.)

Link to the restored end credits for the episode.

Link to some episode cel images

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