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A big part of the reason for the success of the original 1964 TV show was the great stories. A lot of attention to detail and passion went into creating Jonny's adventures! And fans have continued paying tribute to the show by creating their own adventures, some of which we're happy to share with you, the visitor, here.

How do I submit contributions?

We have one basic rule for fan fiction we'll accept for the site:

Don't write something that would never have been used on an original episode.

Want more specific guidelines? Look here.

The fan fics:

Link to file Title and brief synopsis Author and Date Added/Updated "History Repeats Itself"
Dr. Quest's past catches up with him and Jonny...
Mela Nazelrod - August 1999 "The Mystery of the Loch"
A colleague of Dr. Quest's needs help when his boat is sunk by a monster!
Lyle Blosser - October 1999 "Return to Cave Island"
The energy monster roams the island again!
Lyle Blosser - January 2001 "The Edgar Allen Poe Murders"
Mysterious (and murderous) happenings surround the Quests in Baltimore.
Bud Lyons - August 2008 "The Scorpion's Red Eye"
The team confronts arms dealers in a remote island location off the shore of Alaska.
Tony Perodeau - March 2011 "Peril in the Pacific"
The team encounters an unexpected enemy who thinks World War II is still ongoing.
Jerry Koch - October 2012
The Synthetic Men
Author's Notes
"The Synthetic Men: A Race Bannon Adventure"
It's been 10 years, but the adventures continue ... with the first Race Bannon Adventure
Richard Scarpitti - September 2018
The Conspirators
Author's Notes
"The Conspirators: A Race Bannon Adventure"
The second Race Bannon Adventure!
Richard Scarpitti - February 2019
Daughter of the Dragon
Author's Notes
"Daughter of the Dragon: A Race Bannon Adventure"
The third Race Bannon Adventure!
Richard Scarpitti - October 2019
Author's Notes
"Corona: A Race Bannon Adventure"
The fourth Race Bannon Adventure!
Richard Scarpitti - February 2021

The Storm
Author's Notes
"The Storm: A Race Bannon Adventure"
The fifth Race Bannon Adventure!
Richard Scarpitti - August 2022

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