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ClassicJQ: Panoramas

Text © 1999
By Craig Fuqua

Hanna-Barbera employed top-notch background painters and I've always felt cheated that I couldn't enjoy the entire vista of a background. With that in mind, I've started capturing clips from some of the shows and recreating the backgrounds. Here are some of the results:

Here's a super-panoramic view of Race, swinging in to rescue Jonny in "Mystery of the Lizard Men"
Race swings across a ship to rescue Jonny
Larger image (741 x 117 pixels)
Very large image (1,482 x 234 pixels)

A great, atmospheric shot of the mummy in "Curse of Anubis"
Mummy in desert
Larger image (1020 x 236)

Race and Dr. Quest get their bazooka ready to battle a giant Pteranadon in "Turu the Terrible"
Race and Dr. Quest battle Turu
Storyboard drawing of this scene

Dr. Norman's Lab on Cave Island before the creation of "The Invisible Monster" ...
Cave Island Lab
and after ...
Destroyed Lab
Thanks to Scott Carter for help on the "Invisible Monster" images.

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