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Milton Bradley Jonny Quest Game

Jonny Quest card game lid
The Jonny Quest card game, released in either 1964 or 1965. It's a fairly standard card game, with no Jonny Quest-style adventure theme.

Jonny Quest Tazos and Menko Cards (like pogs)

Japanese menko card
Peruvian tazos cards
This Japanese "menko card" and Peruvian "tazos" were used as playing pieces in children's games, much like pogs.

Transogram Coloring Sets

There were three Jonny Quest coloring sets - Paint-By-Number, Pencil-By-Number and Crayon-By-Number - released by Transogram in 1965.

Transogram Jonny Quest Board Game

(images courtesy Heidi Schreiber)
Here are links to some additional images: box, playing board

Kenner Give-A-Show slide projector

1965 Hanna Barbera Give-A-Show Projector from Kenner Toys. Colorful box features a large image of the Yogi Bear Show. Has pictures of Jonny Quest, Flintstones, Jetsons, Peter Potomus, Quick Draw McGraw, Magilla Gorilla, and Huckleberry Hound. The slides are as follows:
  1. Jonny Quest "Warehouse Rescue"
  2. Flintstones "Mammoth Delimma"
  3. Flintstones "Kitchen Concert"
  4. Peter Potamus "Brainless Buccaneer"
  5. Peter Potamus "Watta Melon"
  6. Yogi Bear "Rocket Riding Ranger"
  7. Yogi Bear "Yogi's Buzz Bomb"
  8. Yogi Bear "Punch for a Lunch"
  9. Jetsons "Supersonic Sissy"
  10. Magilla Gorilla "Hare Raising Robber"
  11. Magilla Gorilla "Sled Snack"
  12. Quick Draw McGraw "Out of the Frying Pan"
  13. Quick Draw McGraw "Clobbers a Robber"
  14. Huckleberry Hound "Barn Storming"
  15. Huckleberry Hound "Barrel Peril"
Of course, the Jonny Quest slides are what give the set its value :-) There was another set offered with another JQ adventure called "Ray No More." Anyone know if there were any more?

Kenner Movie Projector

Produced in 1969, the Kenner Battery Operated Real Sound Movie Projector showed actual movies. This set has 3 film cartridges ... the Flintstones, Jonny Quest and Herculoids. A close examination of the lower right corner of the box top in the picture shows what appears to be Jonny Quest (top row) and Dr. Quest (bottom row).

A separately-purchasable Jonny Quest film cartridge was also available. Does anyone know any details regarding its contents? Was this the same film that came with some versions of the movie projector (as shown above), or was it a second, different one?

Jonny Quest: Curse of the Mayan Warriors

Released by Hollyware in 1993.

An MS-DOS role-playing computer game in which Jonny, Hadji, and Bandit must penetrate the mysteries of a Central American jungle to stop a gang of thugs from looting archaeological sites and stealing precious Mayan artifacts. The player controls Jonny's movements and actions; Jonny can interact with the people he meets and use the various objects they discover. While Hadji and Bandit mostly follow Jonny in his travels, they also at times act on their own to help Jonny when he needs it. And when they run up against the bad guys, help is most definitely needed ...

Here are some comments from David Jennings, the game's original developer!

There was also a German version, see images of box and part of the German instructions.

You may be able to play the game in your browser or download it to your PC from (you can at least look at some good screenshots). While the site looks legit as we write this, there's always a risk that a file is infected. Make sure you've got good anti-virus software and check for reports of malware on the Internet, like on

Mike writes: "You can also find the Hollyware JQ game @, but it's sometimes hard to get in as his collection of games is very large, dealing with 'abandonware,' older games that the industry has forgotten." (Thanks, Mike!)

Jonny Quest: "Dr. Zin's Underworld"

A 1991 offering from Hi-Tec Software. It was sold in the U.S. for Commodore-64 computers and released in Europe for the Amstrad CPC and the Sinclair Spectrum (shown here).

Full cover of Amstrad CPC version (large)

Inner cover of Amstrad CPC version (large)

Cassette from Amstrad CPC version

The cover artwork was also used for publicity photos and home video covers.

Mike writes: "The game comes up with some credits and the official title screen 'Dr. Zin's Underworld'. It runs fine with the PC64win emulator,version 2.14. The share version can be found all over the web (one place that has it is, that has emulators for just about any system)." (Thanks for this info, Mike!

Hanna-Barbera cards

Promo boxed set Hanna-Barbera ADVENTURE cards featuring Jonny Quest, marked "Made for the friends & Employees of Hanna-Barbera Cartoons" & "not available for retail." Dated 1995.

There's also another set of cards called "classics" produced in 1994; here are some samples from that set.

Bandit plush toy

This 16-inch-long stuffed toy was produced under license in 1996 by Mighty Star.

Bandit toy

This is a little figure (looks like plastic or maybe painted wood) of Jonny's faithful canine companion.

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