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Dragonfly build-up

At Wonderfest 2022 (Louisville KY) this Dragonfly model was part of the WonderFest Model Competition. Jim Alexander commented, "The cabin was illuminated, as was the jet exhaust. It was pretty impressive, in person." Judging from the photos Jim provided, we agree!

Moebius Models (2014)

Moebius Models' Dragonfly is here! It's a kit for a 12-inch plane with a clear stand and decal containing the official show logo. Available at fine hobby stores and online retailers - get your copy now!

Buy from Moebius on Amazon: MOEBIUS MODELS Johnny Quest Dragonfly by Moebius Models

Check YouTube for online reviews of the kit that let you take a peek inside the box.
Jonny Quest Dragonfly model Taken at San Diego ComiCon 2014.
Released box:
Dragonfly kit box The assembled kit:
Dragonfly kit assembled

The Shape of Things (1994)

These models form an interlocking set; the complete scene is represented on the cover of the boxes. Scans and info courtesy of Dan Johnson.

Sculpted by Steve West, based on a Doug Wildey design, and officially licensed by Hanna-Barbera. Cast by Matt McWhirt in 1994, originally as resin kits; later as cold-cast porcelain.

I did the Johnny Quest characters for The Shape Of Things. That was kind of a nightmare. That project took so long. It wasn't really Matt [McWhirt]'s fault. Hanna Barbara's licensing department would approve something then come back later and ask for changes. Matt originally wanted to do the '60s characters. But Hanna Barbara liked what they were doing now with the new Jonny Quest. They kept wanting me to do changes that totally changed the look of the old characters.

Steve West, interviewed at

The kits were released in the following order (numbers in parentheses indicate number of parts in the kit).

  1. Jonny (7)
  2. Hadji (7)
  3. Race (4)
  4. Dr. Quest (4)
  5. Bandit (1) - This was a special collector's edition limited to 750 copies, and stood about 6 inches high. Here are some photos of the model from fellow JQ fans Terry Kelly, Louis Szabo, and several other sources.

 Images of the models, as built and painted by fans.

Click on a boxtop image below to see a larger version.

The base for the Race model:

Dan also reports that included in the "Race" Bannon model was the following note giving tribute to Doug Wildey, who passed away in 1994.

Here's a partially-assembled Jonny:


Anubis Productions

Scans and info courtesy of Dan Johnson

Turu the Terrible

Resin model, sculpted by Dave Schwirian, in 7 parts
  One creative fan added Turu's "master" in his wheelchair alongside!

The Robot Spy

Resin (with brass rods for the legs), sculpted by Dave Barkovitz, in 11 parts. Here are several views of the model after it has been assembled:

Here are a couple of views of the Robot Spy model along with someone's scratch-built Parapower Ray! Awesome!

The Robot Spy Delivery Craft

This was a separate kit from Anubis Productions:

Dave Barkovitz (Anubis Productions) wrote in to confirm that the above robot spy delivery craft was actually an Anubis Productions item. Dave also informed us that he had done an update to the robot spy kit's base, and sent in an image of the revised kit, as well as an image of the updated kit box. These are shown below; click on thumbnails to see larger versions.

Monsters in Motion

The SST Jet (a.k.a. "The Dragonfly")

This one was originally sold by a company called "Monsters in Motion." Unfortunately, as of 2009, the SST no longer appears on the "Monsters in Motion" website, so it looks like this is not available anymore; bummer! Fortunately, another version of the Dragonfly became available in 2014 (see Moebius Models, above).

June 2011 Update: Dave Barkovitz (from Anubis Productions) wrote in to say: The SST that Monsters in Motion used to sell were also Anubis Kits, originally sculpted by Randy Cooper.

Select the following links for photos from the original set of web site pages for the model.

Here are pictures of a completed and painted model.

Models from Mark Klingerman

The first picture is the Amphibious Monster from "The Sea Haunt." The other two pictures above are the "Robot Spy" Spider model from the episode of the same name. Note the scale of the model as compared to Hadji from "The Shape of Things" collection. Both models were built by Mark Klingerman, who provided the images and the information here.

I asked Mark about the construction of the Robot Spy model after having seen it up for auction on eBay, and he replied:

"The eye is a 2 1/2 inch plastic ball. The legs are 1/4 inch steel rods bent to the right shape. The antenna are made out of wire and 2 buttons. It measures 15 inches tall and 21 inches across." And, after a bit more conversation, Mark told me the tale of the two models you see here.


SST Jet (aka Dragonfly)

The Quest SST jet (aka the "Dragonfly" in "The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest"; in the Classic JQ episodes, it did not have a specific name, but was used quite a bit.) This is the plane seen in the opening credits in Classic JQ.

Scans and info courtesy JQFC member Dan Johnson. Select image to see larger version.

More SST models

Scratch-built SST Here is another scratch-built SST model; originally seen on the auction site eBay, and accompanied by the following text: This huge, scratch built model has been professionally assembled and painted to scale and comes with a weighted removable stand. This model measures 22" long X 12" tall X 9" wide (with stand included.) It is made of PVC, acrylic plastic, polyester resin, fiberglass, aluminum and steel. Nothing about this model is flimsy. The front wing stabilizers and induction scoop are aluminum while the wings and rear stabilizer are made of acrylic. The nose cone is made of solid steel and the entire model has been fiberglass filled. The model has been painted with white and black enamel. The base is chromed steel circle that is covered with a shadow image of the plane in textured black plastic. An aluminum support arm easily holds the plane in place for show. The base also has a felt pad to protect any surface that it rests on.

These are the photos that appeared with the auction.


This was sculpted in regular white Sculpey by Dan Perez of Dan Perez Studios. This sculpture won First Place (Advanced Level) at the July 1996 quarterly IPMS Houston contest. (Height: 1 1/2 inches (4 cm), width: 1 1/4 inches (3 cm), length: 2 1/4 inches (5 1/2 cm), medium: Polymer clay, paint: Acrylic).

You can visit Dan Perez Studios at


Resin Heads by Vartal

Jonny Quest heads set made of resin for 1/6 figures that includes:

  • "Race" Bannon (for 12-inch bodies)
  • Dr. Quest (for 12-inch bodies)
  • Jonny Quest (for 10-inch bodies)
  • Hadji (for 10-inch bodies)

Made using the unreleased prototypes from Playing Mantis as a reference.

Sculptor: Vartal (location: Jimena, Andalucia, Spain)

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