Classic Jonny Quest
1986 Jonny Quest Promotional Art

The images below, while mostly taken from 1960s promotional materials, were actually used to promote Jonny Quest's run in the Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera. This syndication package included edited and time-compressed versions of all 26 classic shows plus the 13 episodes of "The New Adventures of Jonny Quest," the second JQ series, which premiered in 1986.

These images are part of a collection of five Jonny Quest "Cast Press Photos" that apparently were sent out to print media. These 8-inch by 10-inch black & white photographs are marked "Worldvision Enterprises Inc.," which distributed Jonny Quest in syndication at the time and, later, in home video. Wikipedia's entry on Worldvision Ents.

These images are fairly common, appearing frequently in magazines and other publications. See the discussion with the link to each image for more details.

The first three press photos are re-issues of classic press materials.

Jonny Quest "Cast Photo"

This team photo was pulled from the H-B archives and re-issued to promote the series in its 1986 release. The original version was from the 1960s.

Jonny Quest and Bandit

This image is basically a detail of the Jonny and Bandit images from the overall cast photo.

Jonny on rope

This photo is a reworking of an image originally released for the 1964 TV show; IMHO, it is slightly inferior, with many small details having been removed. Check out both versions for comparison.

The next two images were not taken from the 1964 library.

Hadji saves Jonny

This image was apparently based on the classic episode "Calcutta Adventure," except in the episode, Hadji saves Dr. Quest, not Jonny.

Jonny, Hadji and Bandit on speedboat

This is a new image, for once not a copy of one issued for the 1964 show. Look closely at the image of Jonny and you can tell this one was done using the 1986 models instead of any of the 1964 ones; presumably Hadji and Bandit were also drawn from the 1986 models. Also note: the speedboat is moving rapidly (as evidenced by the wake at the boat's bow) but no one is driving! Both Hadji and Jonny show both hands away from any controls.

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