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File O-37
File O-37 is Dr. Quest's intelligence file designation. (ref:"Mystery of the Lizard Men")
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Jonny Quest

To look at him, one sees nothing out of the ordinary: a somewhat thin but otherwise average-looking boy with blond hair, and an open, honest face, dressed in blue jeans, white sneakers, and a black turtleneck shirt. He is polite and courteous, respects his father, and, to our knowledge, has never said anything harsher than "Gosh!", even when faced with imminent danger. A study of his likes and dislikes does not reveal anything strange or unusual, either. Jonny likes to swim and water ski, play checkers, and to arm-wrestle. He adores his pet bulldog pup, and rather dislikes homework. His reflexes are quick, and he approaches physical challenges with an air of confidence. For a 10- or 11-year-old, pretty normal. But, let's dig a little deeper...

Jonny is the son of scientist Dr. Benton Quest, whose work for the U.S. government has often taken them to locations all over the world. As a result, Jonny has gotten to experience much more of the world than the average boy and is very adaptable to the different cultures they encounter. Because of the importance of Dr. Quest's work, a government intelligence agent, Race Bannon, has been assigned as Jonny's bodyguard and tutor. Often travelling to remote locations at the drop of a hat, Jonny does not attend school like most kids; rather, Race tutors him (and his adopted brother, Hadji) in the required subjects. And Dr. Quest himself often interjects a more specific science lesson when needed.

There is a touch of tragedy in this family, however: the death of his mother a while back (it is not stated how long). Although we don't know any details about the circumstances, we do know that the experience has drawn Jonny and his father closer together. And although Jonny often is exposed to hazardous situations because of his dad's investigations, it is obvious that Dr. Quest keeps Jonny's safety as a primary concern. In fact, sometimes Jonny wishes it were less so, since Dr. Quest often instructs the boys to remain behind when in some particularly dangerous situation (which Jonny and Hadji often simply interpret as exciting, rather than hazardous). Despite the best intentions of Dr. Quest and Race, however, Jonny and Hadji still manage to encounter plenty of excitement.

(Voice by Tim Matthieson a.k.a Tim Matheson)

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An 11-year-old orphan from the streets of Calcutta, India, Hadji was officially adopted by Dr. Quest after saving the doctor's life from a knife-throwing would-be assassin. Hadji brings the mystery of the east into the Jonny's otherwise decidedly western world. Although his talents are not over-sensationalized, this young man could perform some amazing feats: levitating objects by chanting "Sim sim sala bim!", hypnotizing bad guys with the jewel on his turban, removing bullets from a bad guy's gun, and more. He also had more traditional Indian talents such as "snake charming", and knowing how to ride and control elephants, He learned English from an American marine, and wanted very much to visit America. (This is why he had originally followed the Quests when they were in Calcutta.) Very well educated, Hadji often knew many details about the area of the world they found themselves in. Although a bit less reckless than his friend Jonny, he was nevertheless always ready to take part in whatever adventures happened their way, and was as able as his friend in improvising his way out of a tough spot.

(Voice by Danny Bravo)

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Dr.Benton Quest

A scientific genius who was involved in the US space program and in the forefront of research in many other areas, Dr. Benton Quest was often called upon by the US government to investigate strange happenings; and, based on the 26 episodes we saw, there were a LOT of strange happenings to investigate! Although his son Jonny and Jonny's friend Hadji often were exposed to danger due to the nature of evil encountered by Dr. Quest, he always had their safety in mind. And not just their safety; the good doctor made it a point to keep the boys exposed to all aspects of science and the world around them. He could be a tough disciplinarian, when necessary, although the boys did not give him much cause to lay down the law. Forever on the side of truth and justice, Dr. Quest often had to resist the temptations offered by so-called "colleagues" of quick wealth, world-wide fame, power, and the like. He was well-equipped to do so, and we never had a doubt that evil would be vanquished, often because of the doctor's steadfast adherence to his own moral code.

(Thanks to John Boyd) Based on the episodes, Dr. Quest understands at least three languages, besides English:
  • Chinese -- In "Terror Island" he speaks briefly with the rickshaw driver in Chinese.
  • Dutch -- In "The Sea Haunt" he flawlessly translates the captain's log entries.
  • Po-Ho -- In "Pursuit of the Po-Ho" he understands what the natives are saying

(Voice originally by John Stephenson, then later by Don Messick)

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Roger "Race" Bannon

An intelligence operative assigned to protect Jonny after his mother died, Race was the perfect guardian for Dr. Quest as well as Jonny and Hadji. He could fly all types of aircraft, was adept in many forms of self-defense, and was a weapons expert. As official bodyguard to the Quest family, he also became Jonny and Hadji's instructor in traditional and non-traditional topics, and was nearly as capable as Dr. Quest in explaining the mysteries of science and the world that they often encountered. With a firm grasp of science, history, and world culture, he helped prepare the boys for whatever situations and cultures they might encounter on their world-wide adventures. There's plenty of "book learning" but Race is sensitive to the ways of young boys and often includes short courses on non-traditional subjects like judo, scuba diving, and the like. But, more than just a tutor, Race had insight into what it was like to be boys like Jonny and Hadji, treating them as capable young men, which they were in many areas. With such insight, it was very hard for Jonny or Hadji to get away with much; Race often seemed to be one step ahead of them. It is obvious the boys and Bandit (and even Dr. Quest) held Race in high regard, and treated him like a member of the family.

(Voice by Mike Road)

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Jonny's mischievous bull-dog pup was always ready to take his part in his master's adventures. Fortunately, he was never left behind, and got to experience such things as being grabbed by a condor, being stalked by an energy monster, discovering scorpions in his master's room, and much, much more. Like Lassie, he actually seemed to understand what Jonny, Hadji and the rest were saying. Bandit often provided comic relief, but also was known to save the day by going for help, or taking decisive action. A times, the boys teased him when he did something especially silly, but often he was just "being a dog", and couldn't help himself. (Barks by Don Messick, who also did the "voices" of Scooby Doo, Astro, and MANY other cartoon characters)

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