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RAJQ Behind the Scenes No. 2

Part 2 in Lance Falk's "Behind the Scenes" Series on the Real Adventures of Jonny Quest newsgroup on AOL. Here, he discusses "Other Space."

Subj: Behind the Scenes #2
Date: 97-02-12 09:00:15 EST

Hi Questoids, here's the poop on "Other Space".

I avoided Questworld scripts for four shows before it was my turn. Nothing against it really, I just prefer traditional JQ type stories with exotic locations around the world. By the time I came on board, the Questworld ideas looked used up to me. There are only so many "Video Games that almost kill you" adventures before Dr. Quest would logically pull the plug. (I have the same problem with Star Trek holodeck episodes) To be fair, Mike Ryan and Glenn Leopold seem to have a real handle on this stuff. They keep coming up with great Questworld stories. Finally, it was my turn.

I decided to "Cheat" around the problem much in the same way Project Gateway cheats around space and time. What if another dimension was discovered, one with the same properties as Questworld, but it was a REAL PLACE? That way Dr. Q. and his brood (ALL experts, not just Benton) could be called in with a database of already built Questworld gear and a working knowledge of the unknown territory.. Well, it was an idea that seemed to work for everyone, it was written, recorded, storyboarded, designed, etc THEN we found out it was not possible to do CGI for that episode. (don't ask) So I had to do a series of fast rewrites giving you the show you now hold.

The funny thing to me is that THIS world is now more exciting than the Other Space dimension. Originally, Jonny and Jessie fought the alien beings with an array of VR gear, broke Dr. Quest from his prision with another, etc.Whenever I watch it, I mourn for the middle Questworld sequences. They don't really work for me, but no one out there seems to mind, so I'll let it go. Larry really made it exciting, Davis has been very complimentary, the feedback from you folks has been very sweet so maybe I'm being too picky. It came out pretty neat in spite of itself.

Here are some Questoid Factoids about it:

1. Diana, Chris, and Marcus are all named after friends of mine in the animation biz.

2. Diana was originally hispanic but Larry grabbed onto the "Bodyguard" aspect of her former relationship with Race and ran with it. (which worked out fine. Sharri Bellifonte was great). Producer Larry denies the Whitney Houston / Larry Houston connection, but I'm not buying it!

3. Colonel William Marcus was played by Carl Lumley, formerly known as M.A.N.T.I.S. on Fox, among other things He was so good as Marcus! "Maybe they're just rude!" Ha ha!

4. Brian Toshi was Ken Otsuki. He's been in a LOT of stuff. (Remember "Space Academy"?)

5. The creatures were meant to evoke the "Dr. Strange" comic book work of Steve Ditko (the FIRST Spiderman artist) I sort of ruff designed the humanoid beasties myself. Jim Stenstrum, Mark Lewis, and lots of post production effects gave them their final cool appearance.

6. Contrary to rumor, "Stargate" was not a big influence on the story. (though I like that film) I was really going for a classic "Outer Limits" feel. "The Belerro Sheild", "Galaxy Being",and especially "The Borderlands". Our Music composer did a great Outer Limitsy job. Listen closely to the score, it's dynamite.

7. Those video effects (the humanoid energy creatures, sky, Gateway, etc) were expensive and time consuming to do. It seemed the best way to tell the story however (Aren't they COOL?)

8. "Other Space" is a play on "Outer space. Duh.....You knew that, I'm sure.

9. Diana Cruz was Race's bodyguard assignment (eight or nine years ago) just prior to the Quest job. He must have done a good job, cause she's still around, right?

That's all that occurs to me. I'll do my other brush with VR ("Thoughtscape") in a few days.

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