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The New Jonny Quest Writer's Bible

This item was recently being offered on eBay -- actually it was photocopies of this item that were being offered. Though the show is referred to as "The New Jonny Quest" this is actually the writer's guidelines for "The Real Adventures".

Thanks to Steve Moses who graciously sent me a copy, so I could pass it on! You can read the ASCII text file online here or download a ZIP'd version of the file here. There are references to "Design Sheets", but, unfortunately, these were not included. Since the rest was just text, I scanned it in and then did some manual editing to correct the few typos and other minor mistakes in the text. Once, they even typed Jonny as "Johnny"!

Storyboard Artist's Note from Aug. 29, 1996

I won't go into too much detail right now but trust me when I say it's going to get alot better in a month or so. [Read it]

Lance Falk's "Behind the Scenes" Series from AOL

Rock of Rages: With "Rock" I wanted to do a generic Jonny Quest episode showing both sides of the series: Monsters/Action stuff.

Other Space: It was written, recorded, storyboarded, designed, etc THEN we found out it was not possible to do CGI for that episode.

Thoughtscape: I wanted to avoid the "Deadly Video Game" stuff, so I came up with the "Virtual Voyage" idea.

Odds and Ends: Stuff I forgot the first time, basically.

Race Against Danger: I dusted off my old ideas and a few seemed pretty usable. "Race Against Danger" was the only one that got made but it's remarkably similar to its humble beginnings.

(I'm missing BTS No. 6. If anyone has it or any after No. 9, please e-mail them to me.)

Nuclear Netherworld: To fans of Classic Quest, this episode will be an obvious labor of love and tribute to that great show.

Diamonds and Jade: One of only two outside story pitches we used for our 26.

General Winter:Lance's favorite episode so far.

That's the last one we've got! If anyone can provide the missing #6 and any remaining installments of this series, we'd be grateful!

Francois Lord, a CGI animator on early episodes

Notes on working conditions.

Answers to a few questions about the show.

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