Classic Jonny Quest
CGI Animator's E-mail No. 2

This is a reponse to a reply I sent from his first letter. My comments are noted by ">"s.

Date: Mon, 14 Apr 1997 10:45:03 -0400
From: Francois Lord
Organization: Buzz Image
To: Craig Fuqua
Subject: Re: Jonny Quest

> said the very first team -- before he and the others were hired -- spent
> three years on the series and had results that were unusable, which is why
> H-B rushed everybody else. If you have any information about this, I'd be
> happy to hear it as well.

No, haven't heard about that. The only deadline-sheet I've seen indicated begining of production in Febuary '96. The character design wasn't finished in April and the storyboards weren't final.

(I described how my infant son enjoyed the opening to Real Adventures.)

> he hears the theme music and then crawls to the television to watch the
> flight. He can get pretty excited. So, I hope that makes you feel good.

Well, I'm telling you, if we were doing it now, it would be much better. Now we know how to put action and danger in a scene like this.

> You can answer a question that's bugging everybody:
> In the opening sequence, there are several shots of Jessie on horseback and
> a helicopter, but they're not in any of the shows. Where did they come from?

Must have been made for tests during pre-production. Perhaps was it to try the light effects and soft shadows. I haven't seen any script with those scenes in it.

You can forward my story to any one you like. I think a lot of people would like to know that. I know what it is to be a fan. :)

Francois Lord
CGI Animator
Buzz Image

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