Classic Jonny Quest
Classic Jonny Quest Animation Cels

The cels on the pages linked below have been identified as matches with scenes from the episodes. To see larger versions, where available, click on the images.

Follow this link for some definitions of terms used when discussing cels.

Below are links to pages with cels for particular episodes; following the links are images of cels that have not (yet) been identified as belonging to a particular episode.

The following are almost certainly cels from episodes; it's just that I haven't been able to find the scene, yet. Anyone care to help search? Free web site credit to finders!


NOTE: This last cel is very similar to images found in a scene from Pursuit of the Po-Ho, although even a frame-by-frame examination of the scene did not turn up an exact match to this cel. It may be from part of the scene that, for some reason, was unaired.


A 3-cel overlay composite, all full sheets. The body is on one, head on another, and mouth on the third. Large figure is 6 in. by 4 in. All 3 of the cels are numbered #263.


The first four cels is a series showing Bandit leaping, combined in the fifth photo.


This is a 12 field 6 cel production setup. Cel 1 is a full sheet with no characters, cel 2 contains Jade's mouth, cel 3 is her eyes, cel 4 Jade's head, cel 5 contains the window overlay, and cel 6 contains her body. Overall approx. 10-1/2" X 12-1/2". Image of Jade is approx. 6-1/2" X 4-1/2"


Some of these cels show multiple characters but are not necessarily from the same episode.

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