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Milton Bradley Jigsaw Puzzles 1965
Milton Bradley Jigsaw Puzzle Catalog, 1965

Milton Bradley's 1965 Jigsaw Puzzle Catalog for retailers advertises the company's Jonny Quest puzzles on three pages.

"Blazing Harbor" / "Rescued"

Note the two different box styles for the Blazing Harbor jigsaw puzzle. The blue box is for the 200-piece (Standard) version and the red box is the 100-piece (Junior Jigsaw) version.

Click on either of the images or use the link above to see the puzzles and more information.

"Winter Adventure" / "Surprise Attack"

This came in both the 200-piece Standard, in the red box, and 100-piece "Junior Jigsaw" (blue box) versions like the Blazing Harbor puzzle above.

Click on either of the images to see the puzzles and more information.

Elementary Puzzles

Elementary puzzles were puzzles for the younger set, and were based on some early promotional artwork for the series. Two puzzles in one box!

Both pictures were taken from pre-production presentation boards created by Doug Wildey.

Jonny Quest Puzzles from the United Kingdom

"The Fight with the Lizard Men," "The Surprise Escape," "An Unexpected Discovery," and "One Way of Finding Out"

"An Unexpected Discovery"

This puzzle certainly was an unexpected discovery when it first came to my attention. Many thanks to Tammy Harman, who sent this image and reported the following:

Whilst flicking through a magazine (titled 'TV Zone #84), I discovered a picture of a British Jonny Quest puzzle. I don't know when it was produced, but I suspect by the style of the packaging that it is from the first run here in 1965. It appears to have an original painting as it's picture. I was amazed to find this picture, as it means JQ must have been phenomenally successful. The only time the BBC ever shelled out on any merchandising at that time was if the show was a great success. They nearly always waited to see how well it was received before producing anything.

"One Way of Finding Out"

Since the initial discovery of the puzzle above, another puzzle in the same series has been found! In fact, if one looks closely at the bottom of the box for this puzzle (see image at right above), it appears that there are at least 2 other puzzles (making a total of four) in this series. Does anyone have any more information on these or any better images they can share? If so, contact us!

Ann Laity wrote to us:

I was interested to see, on your website, your comment about the series of Jonny Quest jigsaws. I recognise the box which shows the four different ones (The Fight with the Lizard Men, An Unexpected Discovery, The Surprise Escape, and One Way of Finding Out). My own jigsaw is the one shown on the bottom right of your picture - 'One Way of Finding Out.' I have just enjoyed doing the puzzle again after a gap of many years - but was a little disappointed to find that one of the straight-edge pieces is missing!! It must be several years since I last did the jigsaw - but I haven't given up hope of finding the piece. I have a bag of odd ones and I once reunited a missing bit after about 8 years. I was born in Sheffield, UK - which is where I grew up and where I was given the puzzle.

Thanks, Ann, for the information and the images! Ann supplied a scan of the puzzle box, the completed puzzle and another copy of the box bottom which shows the 4 puzzles in the series. Click on the images to see larger versions.

Bottom of puzzle box showing all 4 puzzles in the series.

Here are some more images of "One Way of Finding Out" sent in by another fan, Peter Moyle. This puzzle has a different piece missing than the one shown above. And Peter included a closeup of the graphic and trademark and copyright information from the box.

Trademark/copyright details

Peter also sent in the following images of two of the other puzzles in the series. Thanks much, Peter!

The Fight With The Lizard Men

An Unexpected Discovery

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