Classic Jonny Quest
Jonny Quest Hardback Books

Jonny Quest Annuals from the U.K., 1965-66

These are fairly rare publications, published in 1965 and 1966 by World Distributors, England. Inside these large, hardback books are 90+ pages featuring Jonny Quest, Dr Benton Quest, Bandit, Roger "Race" Bannon in color picture-strips and stories.

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Sulla Cordigliera ("On the Cordillera"), July 1971

This illustrated, Italian hardback book published in 1971 has new and old "Jonny Quest" story elements. It starts with an attempt to sabotage a top secret jet aircraft Dr. Quest is developing, then ends with a retelling of the episode, "Shadow of the Condor."

Jonny Quest "Durabook" Adventures, 1972-1973

In the early 1970s, Modern Promotions produced three Jonny Quest "Durabooks": "Jonny Quest and the Lost City," "Jonny Quest's Adventure with the Secret Tunnel" and the "Giant Durabook," "Jonny Quest, Adventure with the Salt Plot."

Jonny Quest Character Reference Guide, 1995

This 85-page hardback book was published in 1995 by Hanna-Barbera and sold, if we remember correctly, in the employee store as part of a series of reference guides on popular HB characters. However, this particular volume included a reprint of material full of errors.

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