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This list was suggested by Madeleine Fisher who also provided a nice set of examples to get us started. Great idea, Madeleine!

Thanks also to Jerry K. from the ClassicJQ forum who suggested some additional ideas and corrections.

After putting this page together, I've come to expect that if I were to look up the term "renaissance man" in a dictionary, I would find Dr. Quest's picture there. Amazing!

Episode Field(s) of Expertise Additional Comments
The Mystery of the Lizard Men Computer Science, Engineering Uses "artificial intelligence" (UNIC) in research; working with lasers
Arctic Splashdown Aeronautics Missile guidance and other related technologies
The Curse of Anubis Archaeology Egyptology, Middle Eastern peoples
Pursuit of the Po-Ho Anthropology Native language
The Riddle of the Gold Chemistry Metallurgy
Treasure of the Temple Archaeology Central American peoples
Calcutta Adventure Engineering Sound and transmission of energy
The Robot Spy Engineering Energy fields
Double Danger Medicine Pharmacology
Shadow of the Condor Engineering Hydrology
Skull and Double-Crossbones Marine Biology  
The Dreadful Doll Marine Biology, Medicine Pharmacology
A Small Matter of Pygmies Anthropology South American peoples
Dragons of Ashida Biology Genetics, metabolism and growth
Turu the Terrible Geology Mineralogy
The Fraudulent Volcano Engineering, vulcanology Fire science and chemical/physical reactions
Werewolf of the Timberlands Geology Paleobotany
Pirates from Below Oceanography Underwater exploration and research
Attack of the Tree People ? There was *some* sort of research being performed that placed them on the ship to begin with, but we just don't know what that might have been.
The Invisible Monster Engineering Energy fields
The Devil's Tower Meteorology, Anthropology Meteorology is suggested by the baloon's instrument package; anthropology by the recognition of the neandertals on top of the plateau
The Quetong Missile Mystery Chemistry, Medicine Toxicology
The House of Seven Gargoyles Engineering Gravity
Terror Island Biology Genetics, metabolism and growth
Monster in the Monastery ? Nothing was apparent in this episode.
The Sea Haunt Cryptozoology, Oceanography unknown/mysterious animal life, Deep-sea animal life

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