Classic Jonny Quest
Classic Jonny Quest Fan Creations

Fans of Jonny Quest do not limit themselves to art and the written word...they use their creative talents to express their affection for the show in many different ways. Here are a few of them.

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Jonny Quest Icons for PC and Mac

From CJQFriend, the person who has provided numerous pans and wallpaper images, comes this collection of eleven Jonny Quest icons for the PC or the Mac; enjoy!

Custom Figures from Richard Scarpitti's "Race Bannon Adventures" Fan Fiction

Richard has written four (so far) stories based on the future world of Jonny Quest and company. He writes:
Shown here are my custom one sixth scale Race Bannon figures depicting a modern take on Race as he appears in my Race Bannon Adventures fanfics on this site. These were customized from Hasbro Action Man figures with airbrushed white hair. The black tactical wear comes from an Action Man Goldeneye 007 figure. My Benton is a re-costumed Lanard Ultra Corps figure. The head sculpt and hair color are unmodified from the original figure. He doesn’t scale perfectly with Race but the facial likeness to Benton was too good to pass up. He’s outfitted with loose costume pieces I purchased parted out from various figures. To do a definitive modern Jade figure, I hope to one day find a head sculpt and hair style closer to how she was depicted in The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest. For now however, I’ve kitbashed this version from items I had available. The head sculpt is obviously Maggie Q/Nikita and the outfit is a Metal Gear Solid Sniper Wolf uniform. Hope you enjoy the figures and that you'll be inspired to check out my fanfics.

The Art and Legacy of Doug Wildey by Grayson Bowling

comic PDF
Basing the creation on a number of resources, Grayson Bowling created a 4-page comic book celebrating Doug Wildey. Grayson had previously created a physics poster for a school project; we are glad to see this latest entry from him! Well done! Click on the image for the complete PDF version (4,110 KB) of the comic.
And here are some pertinent details from Grayson:

Artwork Details:
ink, nib, pen, and halftone paper
digital lettering

"The Art and Legacy of Doug Wildey" is an assignment I completed for my Survey of Sequential Art course at the Savannah College of Art and Design. The assignment was to create a four page comic about a particular comics writer, artist, or creator. I knew immediately that I wanted to write and illustrate a story about Doug Wildey. I wanted to do the project on him for two reasons: one, he's my favorite comics artist, and two, there are so few published works about his life and career. I grew up watching Jonny Quest (and still do), having been introduced to it by my dad, but I've come to admire Widley's work across his career. I had a general idea of what career points I wanted to cover and that I wanted to draw the entire comic myself, even though the assignment allowed for the inclusion of images by the artist. I used as much reference from Wildey's career as possible for each panel, relying on specific comic images and model sheets. I also created new compositions and posing relying heavily on photo reference as Wildey did himself. The drawing of the Outlaw Kid, for example, is actually a snapshot of Audie Murphy from a Gunfight at Comanche Creek lobby card. I'm glad I got the chance to draw a comic about Doug Wildey's career, but I wish there was an official artbook, or biography for sale, as Wildey deserves much greater recognition than he recieves.

To see any of my other works, this is my personal website.

Jonny Quest Figures by Wayne Faucher

Seeing images of these figures was quite a thrill, and we were not surprised that a professional artist by the name of Wayne Faucher created them.

Unfortunately, Wayne created these as one-of-a-kind figures (meaning they are not for sale) but we are very glad to at least have these images to drool over. Click on the thumbnails to see the full-size versions.

Race Bannon Book Covers

When we first received copies of these images from Lance Falk we bemoaned the fact that these weren't real books! Then we laughed, and decided to truly appreciate Lance's creativity. We think you will, too!

Lance writes: (regarding "The Rarest Jade" cover)
Here's something I banged out which I'll share if you want to post it. An old Pulp novel had this perfect art, so I added the banner, and swapped out the type. My pal Mark distressed it in Photoshop and here we are.

Lance later sent in the second "discovered" cover. It had originally been suggested that these images would make a great April Fool's presentation (and we agree!), but we just couldn't hold on to these for that long without showing them. Maybe we will do something in April (or maybe not); meanwhile, enjoy!

Lance also provided the "back story" for these books:
In my fantasy world, this series is a Sex and Violence-fueled exploitation series which takes place between The Korean War up through his assignment to the Quest family. The series was very popular in its day for Ian Fleming fans who wanted a more American point of view. There were over 200 novels bearing the Wildey name, but he actually only penned the first few and consulted on the balance written by a number of by-the-word Pulp writers of the mid-late '50s from Doug's plots.

To see larger versions of the images, click on the thumbnails.

Custom Classic Jonny Quest Figures

Louis Badolato submitted images of the set of figures that he created.

Louis writes:
My son was looking at the photographs of protoype 1:6 action figures of the Jonny Quest team by "Playing Mantis" on your website, and asked if I could get them for him. I saw that they were conversions of the 12 inch "Captain Action" (Race Bannon and Dr. Benton Quest) and 8 inch "Action Kid" (Jonny Quest and Hadji) figures. My son really wanted them, so I decided to see if I could perform the conversion myself.

To see larger versions of the images below, click on the thumbnails.

We think the results look pretty good, Louis!

For more details on how Louis created his custom figures, please follow this link Lots of good information for someone who might be planning to tackle a similar project.

Recent Updates
In the spring of 2013, Louis provided the following images, with the following commentary:

It took me months, but I finally found a head I could convert into a proper 10 year old Jonny Quest: a Star Wars Anakin Skywalker figure's head. The action figure cost me $5, while carving the hair and ears out with an exacto knife cost me 4 cut fingers.

We always knew Jonny Quest was "dangerous," Louis; hope your injuries don't stop you from creating! (ed.)

Real Adventures dolls

Susan Dundas submitted images of the set of "action dolls" that she created, based on the Real Adventures.

Susan writes:

Back when Real Adventures came out, I made some dolls to be Jonny Quest set. Since there were no real JQ dolls ever issued (that I know of), I took a GI Joe doll for Dr. Quest (it is the first doll I had ever seen with a beard - I did not think I would ever be able to find one - and not only that, but hair and beard flocked as well. I used brown felt pens to change the hair color). Race is an Action Man doll (I used white-out to paint the hair white). Jonny is an Allen doll (I think that is his name - he was a doll put out many years ago by Mattel, to be a friend for Barbie's little sister, Skipper). I did not have to change him at all - he already came blond and blue-eyed. The best I could do for Hadji is an Aladdin doll - I never did figure out how to make a turban for him. And Jessie may be a Skipper doll, I cannot remember. And I even found a tiny stuffed dog for Bandit.
I dressed them in Barbie and Ken clothes, dyeing the material when necessary to match the outfits in Real Adventures, then set them up to have adventures in my living room!

Hadji has fallen and hit a rock, and Race is rappelling down with a back-pack of medical supplies.

Rescue successfull!

The set of dolls.

Dr. Quest & Race in elegant formal attire.

Custom-built Jonny Quest display

Lee Bowling submitted images and a lot of information about a Jonny Quest display he created for a contest. Lee did not mention this (but I found out when I visited the link he provided) that he won a very special "Master's Award" for this effort!

Please click on the picture or select this link to go to a page with pictures and details on the construction, including a link that shows the award Lee won for this creation.

Race Bannon Costume

Roger Romage submitted images of a Race Bannon costume he created.

Please click on the picture or select this link for a larger view of this picture, plus more pictures and details on the construction of the costume.

Roger writes:
I designed and created this costume (see attachments) back in 2007, initially for Dragon Con here in Atlanta. I wore it again in 2008. It went over really well and got some really joyful reactions. Now, if I can only get my 12 year old daughter to dress up as Jonny's long lost sister Joanny! LOL

You'll notice two different guns. One is the Race Bannon Gun from the Comic series and the other is directly from the show. Both were co-designed by Steve Smith and myself, with more credit going towards Steve than me. The Guns were both wonderfully realized and built from scratch by Steve Smith.

Quest Gun reconstructions

Steve Smith sent in these images of the work he has done reproducing some of the guns seen on the show. The pistol is at a 1:1 scale and is 13.5 inches long. When I asked him to provide some more details, Steve replied:

Last year a friend of mine wanted to do a Race Bannon costume. He came across the shirtless Race sketch by Steve Rude on your site and asked me to build the gun from the sketch. We decided this would be Race's service pistol with Intelligence 1. I built this gun using an airsoft pistol, some wood, plastic, PVC, and brass tubing.

I decided I would build the Quest gun for him for this year. I came across the model sheet of the gun on your site and also used the DVDs as reference. I started out scaling up the blueprint of the gun to what looked like the right size. I worked on the gun off and on over several months. The gun was built using plastic, wood and brass tubing. When I finished building the gun, I had a friend mold it and cast it in resin as by this time I had several friends that wanted copies.

I am continually amazed by the talent our visitors wield in expressing their appreciation of the show! Click on the thumbnails below to see larger versions of these images.

iPod customizations

Lance Falk sent in this image of his iPod customized to show the spider robot from The Robot Spy - way cool!

Jonny Quest Windows Desktop Theme

The Windows Desktop Theme page contains links to a basic theme and accompanying files.

Jonny Quest font

Created by Steve Ferrera, this True Type font can be downloaded and installed like any other font package.
Follow this link to see a chart showing all characters supported by this font.

Jonny Quest models and action figures

Zin mask for Captain Action's "Dr. Evil"

Wes McCue of the Classic Plastick Toy Company produced this mask for the "Dr. Evil" figure from the "Captain Action" series. Nice job, Wes!

Dr. Quest conversion kit for Captain Action

The mask was a prototype created by Classic Plastick's Wes McCue, and repainted by artist Rich Fowlks. Also included are a short-sleeved black turtleneck shirt, short-sleeved white labcoat, tan slacks, brown loafers, a clipboard, and stethoscope (all from Mattel's Dr. Ken set), displayed on a Playing Mantis Captain Action body dummy.

By Wes McCue of the Classic Plastick Toy Company Another super effort, Wes!
You can write to Wes as "ClasPlas" at Just reformat that description as an email address.

A physics poster

Lee Bowling (who shared his own custom JQ work previously) sent us the following:

I thought you might also be interested in my son's physics poster assignment. He (Grayson Bowling) is in 9th grade, and the teacher was trying to make things as interesting as possible. The assignment was to watch an online video regarding the physics involved in different winter olympic sports, take notes, look into the topics in a little more depth, and then come up with a poster describing what you have learned. The posters were supposed to be informative, as well as engaging to make them as interesting as possible to get other students to read them.

After watching the video on skiing, he remembered a couple of Jonny Quest episodes where the characters were either on skiis or dressed for snow. His idea was to use Dr. Benton Quest's "research" as what was being presented. I thought he did a great job. (And so do we -- great creativity and excellent execution, Grayson!)

Below are thumbnails of an image for the project and an accompanying credits image; click each to see a larger version:

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