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Jonny Quest manga comic

Jonny Quest Manga Comic
A 48-page, black-and-white Jonny Quest comicbook published in Japan: "Kagaku Bouken Manga" (Scientific Adventure Cartoon), July 1965.

Jonny Quest Pencil Cases

Here are two Jonny Quest pencil cases produced in Japan by Royal, probably in the 1960s.

Jonny Quest "menko" cards

These Japanese "menko cards," were used as playing pieces in children's games, much like pogs.

Jonny Quest publications from Midori of Japan

Jonny Quest "sonosheet": "Mystery of the Lizard Men"
Here are images and information regarding a third Midori publication from Japan, this one focusing on the "Mystery of the Lizard Men" story. This book came with a red vinyl 33-1/3 rpm record.

Jonny Quest "sonosheet": "The Robot Spy"
Another book-and-record publication (like the "Lizard Men" book above). The front cover reads,
"J.Q. / Song 'Let's sing all together! J.Q.' / Drama 'Robot Spy' / Being nationally televised on TBS Network / Kodama Manga Series."
More information and scans of the pages.

Jonny Quest Sketchbook: "Pirates from Below"
This publication from Midori was produced in 1965, and the cover looks like our hero's been heavily transformed by an Anime overdose! Inside are instructions on "how to draw Jonny and Bandit (as anime characters), and a very quick re-telling of the "Pirates from Below" story. (images courtesy Jim Alexander;)

1966 Jonny Quest Sketchbook: "Arctic Splashdown"
Manufactured by the Japan-based Midori company in 1966, this 14 in. by 10 in. book includes dynamic anime-style color cover art; the interior features a 20-panel comic book styled re-telling of the episode "Arctic Splashdown". The inside front cover is a page with some basic character information and sketches. (images courtesy Jim Alexander)

Jonny Quest sketchbook
Craig's copy of this has 12 sheets of blank sketch paper. There don't appear to be any missing pages, so this may have been just a sketchbook with no comic inside. Here are the front and back covers. The inside front cover is an outline/line drawing of the cover. The inside back cover is an outline/line drawing of the Turu cover. They're the same drawings as the ones inside the Turu sketchbook.

Jonny Quest sketchbook: "Turu the Terrible"
This is a sketchbook with a picture of Jonny and Bandit being menaced by Turu, the pteranodon from the episode "Turu the Terrible." This Turu sketchbook is like the one above: a painted cover with line art on the inside covers, and blank pages for sketching.

Jonny Quest sketchbook: "Curse of Anubis"
This is a sketchbook with a picture of Jonny, Hadji and Bandit in the tomb of Anubis -- uh-oh, Anubis is there, too! It is presumed that the internal contents are similar to other such sketchbooks coming out of Japan.

Jonny Quest sketchbook: "Mystery of the Lizard Men"
This is a sketchbook with a picture of Jonny and Bandit taking care of a lizard man; I wonder where that lasert beam ended up! It is presumed that the internal contents are similar to other such sketchbooks coming out of Japan.

Jonny Quest laser disc

This Columbia Video Disk (laser disk) was distributed in Japan, exact year unknown but most likely in the 1990s. The episodes, "Turu the Terrible" and "The 'Q' Missile Mystery," were dubbed in Japanese. Sadly, Craig's copy of the laser disc was cracked by the seller and cannot be played, so we may never know whether the "Jonny Questo" theme song from the Robot Spy sonosheet book was used somewhere on the disk.

Japanese "Hanna-Barbera Collection" 2004

This set of Jonny Quest figures is from the "Hanna-Barbera Trading Figures Collection" from the Asunaru company, Japan. They're like trading cards: You don't know what H-B scene you're going to get until you open the box.

There are apparently 6 figure sets in each volume, with quite a few volumes being prepared for release. As far as we know, no other Jonny Quest character figures were released.

Images and info courtesy Jim Alexander.

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