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TV Guide, Jan. 25, 1964, "Coming Attractions"

A page from TV Guide's January 25, 1964, issue contains the earliest known reference to Jonny Quest in print (even though it's spelled incorrectly):

ABC's Johnny Quest will be "high adventure in (Hanna-Barbera) cartoon."

That's all there is -- the series was still in pre-production in January 1964 and the first episode wouldn't air for another 9 months.

TV Guide, June 13, 1964, Hanna-Barbera Article

This June 13, 1964, issue of TV Guide includes an interview with Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera where the series is referenced by one of its pre-production titles, "Jonny Quest - File 037."

Norfolk VA Ledger Star, Aug. 6, 1964, AP Story

Page 22 of the Norfolk, Va., Ledger-Star on Aug. 6, 1964, carried an Associated Press article in advance of Jonny Quest's premiere the next month. The article talks about the "realistic" art style, the basics of the show and has a brief interview with Joe Barbera and William Hanna.

TV Guide, Sept. 12, 1964, Full-Page Ad for Premiere

Jonny Quest debuted Sept. 18, 1964, and the Sept. 12-18 issue of TV Guide included a full-page ad for the show.

Note: The scan comes from an edition of the "TV Guide" published for the Central Time Zone, so the time is 6:30 p.m.; for Eastern zone viewers, the time was 7:30 p.m. (Thanks to Jim Alexander for this image).

L.A. Herald-Examiner TV Weekly, Sept. 13, 1964

There was a a short article about ABC's new fall shows that mentions Jonny Quest (and features a picture) in the Sept. 13, 1964, L.A. Herald-Examiner TV Weekly publication (scan courtesy Larry Garrett).

At 7:30, Jonny Quest, an action-adventure cartoon from the creators of Yogi Bear.

Chicago Daily News, Sept. 18, 1964

ABC placed a large ad in the Chicago Daily Press afternoon newspaper on Friday, Sept. 18, 1964, the day Jonny Quest premiered. The headlines -- "Marvel!, Fall in Love!," etc. -- are the same as in an ad in the Sept. 19, 1964, TV Guide (see below), but the pictures are different. (Chicago is in the Central time zone, so the show ran at 6:30.)

Jonny Quest Premiere 6:30 (in color) / Renowned super-scientist, Dr. Benton Quest, his son Jonny and their bodyguard, Race Bannon, chase high adventure in an exciting, new, animated action-adventure series.

Cleveland Press TV Showtime, Sept. 18, 1964

Here's a local schedule grid and synopsis for the premiere episode.

Jonny Quest premiered Sept. 18, 1964, at 7:30 p.m. Eastern time. In Cleveland, it followed a syndicated repeat of a Huckleberry Hound episode.

TV Guide, Sept. 19, 1964, Fall Preview 1964-1965 Shows

The 1964-65 Fall Preview issue of TV Guide covered listings from Sept. 19-25. Jonny Quest is covered, although it debuted Sept. 18.

TV Channels, Sept. 20, 1964

The Sept. 20, 1964, TV Channels guide includes an article about Jonny Quest, with quotes from Joe Barbera. The article promotes the series, which had launched the previous week.

Los Angeles Herald Examiner TV Weekly, Dec. 6, 1964

"TV Weekly" was a regional television guide from the no longer published Los Angeles Herald Examiner. This issue covered listings for the week of Dec. 6-12, 1964.

There is a two page article on Jonny Quest inside the guide.

Cleveland Press TV Showtime, Dec. 11, 1964

The inside cover of the Cleveland Press TV Showtime magazine from Dec. 11, 1964, features a dynamic Doug Wildey color painting of Race battling the Lizard Men.

TV Guide, Jan. 9, 1965, Jonny Quest ad

Jonny Quest is featured in an ad on page A-52 in this issue, along with a summary of that week's episode, "Pirates from Below."

TV Channels, Jan. 10, 1965

Jonny Quest made the cover for the TV Channels weekly television guide, week of Jan. 10, 1965. This guide was actually a package of art and articles for newspapers around the country with localized listings, so you may see copies of this from various cities. You'll also see a smaller version of the same guide with the name TV Times.

BBC Radio Times, Jan. 9 and April 10, 1965

In addition to the weekly listings, some issues had short, illustrated articles about Jonny Quest.

Ecran TV Guide, March 15, 1966

It looks like a Spanish dub of Jonny Quest made it to Chile by spring 1966. This is the cover to the March 15, 1966, copy of Ecran TV, a television guide from Chile.

South Australian TV-Radio Guide, March 12, 1967

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